Art Clay Silver 950 STERLING - 25g + 2.5g bonus

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NOW BACK AS BONUS PACKS - FREE 10% clay in every pack! And there's been a redevelopment of the formula, keeping the clay creamier for longer! 

An open-shelf (i.e. no carbon needed) STERLING SILVER CLAY! Art Clay Silver 950, an enriched sterling silver clay, is a creamy and smooth clay to work with, with a consistency very close to the the normal Art Clay Silver New Formula. It comes ready mixed, so you can just open a packet, and start working - no need to measure powders or mix two separate clays. And it needs no carbon for firing.

25g + 2.5g clay in each pack (also available in 50g + 5g packs).

** PLEASE NOTE** - This clay is kiln fire only


  • About 60% stronger than Art Clay fine silver (due to 5% copper content)
  • Hallmark as sterling silver
  • Pre-mixed into a smooth, creamy, pliable clay
  • Simple straight forward kiln firing - no carbon needed

This enriched sterling clay does NOT require any carbon to fire! It is fired once (incorporating two stages) on an open shelf in a kiln. No carbon = mess-free! If you have programmable kiln, it is very easy to set the firing schedule - if you need help on how to do this, feel free to contact us.

  1. Put on a kiln shelf, in a cool kiln
  2. Heat up to 500C and hold for 30 minutes (this first step burns off the binder)
  3. Heat up to 870C and hold for 60 minutes (this final firing sinters the metal particles)

The kiln can heat up at full speed, and doesn't need to cool off between the two stages. Avoid moving the piece after the first firing step as it will be fragile before sintering. 

The ACS950 is approximately 60% stronger than the regular Art Clay silver clay (due to the 5% copper content). The extra strength makes it the ideal choice for designs taking a lot of wear and tear, fingerprint jewellery, as well as rings, cuffs, and delicate thin open-ended designs.

950 is the purity of the silver after firing; 95% silver and 5% copper. The ACS950 will be hallmarked as Sterling silver in the UK.

In the UK, silver up to 958 purity is hallmarked as Sterling silver (925). Silver purity over 958 is considered Britannia silver (958), and over 990 is hallmarked as Fine silver (999).

The ACS950 shrinks about 10-13%, so slightly more than the regular Art Clay Silver (which shrinks about 8-10%). Please account for this when making rings.

Please keep away from sunshine and heat. Once opened, store pack in fridge tightly wrapped in cling film, in a sealed container.

Reviews (4)

Art clay silver 950

Written by Miriam Davey on 16th Oct 2017

I really liked working with this clay, it was easier to work with than the PMC; it felt more malleable and didn't seem to dry out while I was holding and shaping. However, the shrinkage I found to be quite unpredictable, giving rise to a couple of abandoned projects! It seemed to shrink more than the enclosed information suggested. Having got used to that though, I would (and have) use it again.

Sterling silver clay 950

Written by Amanda on 28th Sep 2017

Unfortunately my expectations of this being a stronger material to make rings with was not what I hoped for. Despite following the drying and kiln firing schedule exactly as it instructed, 4 rings snapped with ease. Such a shame and 10g of clay lost as well as time making them. **RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY** Hi Amanda, we're so sorry to hear you're disappointed with the 950 clay. Although there is a recommended firing schedule, the 950 can be a bit trickier to fire and has a lot less room for error compared to the fine silver so it's worth doing some kiln tests first to make sure you're using the right schedule and temperature for your kiln. It should not be snapping with ease after firing so hopefully with a bit more information, we can identify the problem and help you find a solution. Please email us at with details on your making and firing process and we'll do our best to help!

Excellent product.

Written by Lesley Allan-Dartiailh on 26th Oct 2016

Excellent product and very quick service. Thank you.

Excellent product

Written by Lesley Allan-Dartiailh on 19th Sep 2016

Excellent medium to work with. Clean soft & very tactile. Fired cleanly and now the finish item is lovely.

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