*Art Clay Silver - Christmas Trio Special Offer!

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Save 20% on this kit of Art Clay Silver Clay, Syringe and Paste!

This kit is a great introduction to the wide range of different Art Clay Silver products. Art Clay Silver is real silver, but malleable! In this kit the Art Clay Silver comes in three different forms; 

  1. pliable soft clay
  2. a softer version in a syringe form (extrudable)
  3. and a more diluted Paste version

Three fun types of real silver, giving you lots of opportunities to explore and play!All the products can be fired on a gas hob, with a kitchen torch, or in a kiln. 

Fire with kiln, torch, or gas stove. Using a kiln the minimum recommended firing would be 30 minutes at 650°C or 5 minutes at 800°C. Where possible, we recommend firing at 800°C for 30 minutes for the strongest result.

Shrinkage 8-9%.

Anything made from this trio can be hallmarked as fine silver at any UK Assay Office. 

What is in the kit and how do I use it?


Art Clay Silver is a precious metal clay which looks and feels like ordinary sculpting or porcelain clay. The difference is that this is made with micron sized particles of real pure silver mixed with a non-toxic organic binder and water. During firing the binder burns out, leaving you with just real fine silver, which can be hallmarked at any UK Assay Office.

It is pliable and creamy, with a long working time. It takes all textures beautifully, and carves like a dream. And it shrinks only about 8-9%. You can fire it easily with a torch, or even on a gas hob.


Real silver, which you can paint with? Yes, that is Art Clay Silver Paste!

We love this magical silver product. Use it to immortalise organic items, like leaves, into pure silver replicas. You can also use the Paste to repair or glue silver clay items together.

FIXING: Use Art Clay Silver Paste to glue (wet or dry) clay parts together. It is great for repairing cracks and filling in marks and bumps. Overfill marks as the paste shrinks back as it dries, and then smooth out the surface with a fine abrasive sanding sponge or blending and smoothing foam.

TEXTURING AND CREATING: Use the paste to add a texture to wet or dry silver clay surfaces. Smudge it on, dab it on, drip or drizzle it on, or paint it on. For a neat design, why not stencil it on! Or just drizzle it in layers on itself to build unbelievable unique silver designs.

REPLICATING: Paint it onto a burnable core, like a leaf, twig, or cork clay shape, to create a fine silver replica. Here you can find a useful article explaining how to make a silver leaf.


Syringe type silver is a special formula of silver clay which allows you to extrude it from a syringe. It comes pre-packed in the syringe with an added fine tip. The special formula gives you a perfect smooth extrusion with no air bubbles or extruded clay breaking.

DECORATE: Use Art Clay Silver syringe to decorate your unfired silver clay with dots, squiggles and lines - and with a little practice, it makes beautiful leaves, twigs, and flowers!

SET FIREABLE STONES: Create stone setting bezels for lab-created and other safe-to-fire stones before firing. Simply draw a little donut shape and then push your stone in!

USE IT ON ITS OWN: Remove the fine tip and make clay "ropes" or snakes, which can be braided, shaped into bail loops. Use it on its own to make hollow filigree like designs. Simply create a core shape with a burnable core (like wood clay) and cover it with the syringe design. When you fire the piece, the cork clay will burn away and leave you with a hollow delicate piece. Note - cores can give off a lot of smoke, so is best fired in a kiln.

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*Art Clay Silver - Christmas Trio Special Offer

Written by Scarlet Gunn on 30th Dec 2019

A good assortment of silver clay items at a brilliant special offer price, all you need to get started, I bought as a gift for a friend and it was perfect.

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