ArtResin Clear Epoxy Resin - 236ml (8 fl. oz)

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Art Resin™ is great for casting items such as coasters, or coating surfaces and artwork. It’s non-toxic, so there’s no fumes, VOCs, or BPA! According to the manufacturers, it gives the most non-yellowing protection on the market - tested by leaving a resin piece in the sunny Arizona desert for a year!

Epoxy resins are prone to yellowing and other ageing effects, however ArtResin contains a mixture of UV and hindered amine light stabilisers (HALS) to protect against yellowing, cracking, gloss loss, chalking and de-lamination. The makers of ArtResin only use raw materials - there’s no filler, diluents or solvents.

Art Resin is food safe, so can be used on serving boards!

Includes a total of 236ml (8 fl. oz), 4 oz resin + 4 oz hardener. This covers about 2 square feet. Also available in larger sizes; click here to see 940ml or ArtResin Clear Epoxy Resin - 3.78l (1 Gallon).


ArtResin should be at room temperature before using - 23-25oC (72-77oF). 

Whilst the manufacturer states there are no fumes or VOCs when working with this resin, we still recommend you do your own research, and make your own decisions on any precautions you need to take. Read the SDS and get advice if needed. We suggest ensuring you have good ventilation, and protect your skin and eyes (we recommend you always use nitrile gloves, don’t use latex with resin). If you work with the resin in more than a domestic hobby use, say in large amounts or you work with it often, you might want to invest in a VOC filtered face mask.


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Q: How long will I have to work with it? A: You will have 45 minutes of working time.

Q: How long does it take to cure? A: It takes 24 hours for the piece to be hard to the touch, and 72 hours to fully cure.

Q: What is the shelf life of ArtResin? A: We recommend using ArtResin within 6 months once opened, or 1 year unopened.

Q: Is ArtResin food safe? A: Yes! Once fully cured, it is safe for direct food contact (complies with FDA 21CFR175.300).

Q: I’ve managed to get ArtResin on my skin - what can I use to get it off? A: Wash skin with soap and water. Do NOT use rubbing alcohol, as although it will break down the resin, it will allow it to soak into your skin.


Click here for an SDS sheet for this product.

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