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These Gilders Paste Waxes are available at a great discounted price due to old packaging, and being in various conditions from smooth to cracked.

Whatever the condition, they are perfectly fine to use and does not affect the usability at all. Some are still soft paste, and some may be fairly dry and cracked (please see photos to see how they could arrive).

To soften back up again, the manufacturer recommends adding a little paint thinner before use. The firmness or dryness of the paste is a normal process. With the addition of a few drops of thinner/turps you can transform the paste in to a cream, paint, stain or wash.  This capability allows an endless shelf life unlike common paints and stains, once they dry out you cannot reconstitute them. Gilders paste wax can be rejuvenated over and over for years, no waste!



This wax-based medium can be used to add non-fading colour or a gilded finish to materials such as metal castings, filigree, brass stampings, ceramics, wood, etched glass, polymer clay, resin and more!  

Gilders paste wax is formulated to be a dry, durable wax based finish. It's formulated in this way so you can use dry brush techniques with complete drips, runs or splat.        

It can be applied as-is to clean, dry, oil-free surfaces with a cloth, cotton swab, sponge, your finger... or thin it with paint thinner or turps to create a paste, paint, stain or wash. Smooth surfaces should be slightly roughened with fine grit sandpaper or steel wool before application. Gilders Paste dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and completely dries in 12 hours with no tacky residue.

One tin of Gilders Paste covers over 30 square feet of surface area. The colours can be mixed and layered to create stunning and unique finishes and textures!


*Packaging may vary.

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