Cyprus Copper Clay - 50g

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Cyprus Copper Clay is an excellent base metal clay medium for jewellery, crafts, sculpture and models.

Developed by Cindy Silas, Cyprus Copper Clay is an excellent base metal clay medium for jewelry, crafts, sculpture and models. Offered in lump (wet) form, this clay is waterbased, air dries and fires to (99.9%) pure copper. Economical, easy to form, fire and finish, the fired clay presents as beautiful on its own or as the perfect platform for enameling projects.

Cyprus Copper Clay shrinks approximately 20%.

In its greenware state, the clay is slightly flexible and carves easily. Air drying the unfired clay or greenware without heat will reduce the potential for warping as the clay dries. Once completely dry, the greenware should be handled with care as it can be fragile. It is much easier to sand and refine the greenware at this stage than to refine the metal once sintered. When joining pieces, create a paste slurry at the join with water, then compress both pieces together for 30 seconds. Put aside to dry completely. Metal clay must be completely dry before firing.


Coconut Carbon is the recommended media for firing Cyprus Copper Clay, but Charcoal Carbon will also work.


Magic Carbon is not recommended for use with Cyprus Copper Clay as it may complicate the use of embeddables, bezel settings and repairs, causing an increased or uneven shrink rate. It may also increase the shrink rate of the clay. We recommend creating a small test piece following the schedule before committing to firing complex work.


Cyprus Copper Clay is best fired in a kiln in two phases. The first phase completely burns out the binder, which helps the work sinter properly in the second phase. Many kilns fire hotter or cooler than shown on the digital display. It is a good idea to test your kiln for temperature accuracy. This can be done with a hand-held digital pyrometer.

Phase 1 - Full ramp to 343ºC (650ºF) and hold for 30 minutes

  • Option 1 - Arrange greenware on a mesh firing rack. Additional pieces can be stacked using more mesh firing racks separated with kiln posts. Raise the mesh firing rack(s) off the kiln floor with a few more kiln posts for air circulation.
  • Option 2 - The greenware can be placed on top of 1” of activated carbon in a steel firing container. Do not add activated carbon on top of the greenware for the phase 1 firing.

Note: A slower phase 1 is needed for any piece that has areas that are 3mm (12 cards) thick or thicker. Ramp 300ºF / 149ºC hour to 600ºF / 315ºC and hold for 15 minutes.

Phase 2 - Full ramp to 871ºC (1600ºF) and hold for 3 hours

  • Once the greenware has cooled enough to handle (phase 1), gently transfer the work to a steel firing container that has at least 1” of activated carbon spread on the bottom. Arrange the pieces with at least 1/2” of space between them.
  • Cover all pieces with at least 1” of activated carbon. Additional work can be added in layers as long as there is 1” of activated carbon above and below each piece.
  • Fire with a slotted lid or lid ajar. Do not cover firing tin completely.

Click here for a full instruction sheet.

Size: 50gm (also available in 100gm)

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