We're excited to now be offering Eli-Chem's resins and resin accessories!

We carry UltraCast, MasterCast, and Resi-TINT Acrylic Inks. We also have the fabulous Resi-BLAST which is used for making cells in resin art pours.

MasterCast 1-2-1 Clear Artwork Coating Resin is a two component epoxy resin that produces an optically clear, high gloss finish and is particularly suited to resin art, it can be used on many surfaces such as canvas, wood, MDF, glass, perspex, concrete & metal.

It has excellent UV resistance, clarity and transparency making the resin system particularly suitable for the protection and decoration of: paintings, artwork, sculptures, badges, photos or just about any creative project.

UltraCast xt High Temperature Clear Artwork Resin is an optically clear, solvent free epoxy coating/casting resin which has a great surface heat resistance; up to 90 - 95°C which makes it great for coasters!

UltraCast xt resin produces a high gloss, flexible and tough coating with good impact and abrasion resistance.

Please note that cured resin usually needs to sit for a few weeks to achieve FULL cure = to give full heat resistance. So if you make coasters, give them a few weeks to achieve their full hardness before using them with warm mugs.