Firing Dish - Alumina Ceramic Crucible - 7.62cm

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Small ceramic firing dish, perfect for supporting metal clay pieces during sintering. Fill the dish with alumina hydrate or vermiculite to cradle and support your domed, hollow, sphere & 3D pieces. These pieces need a bit of support during firing to prevent slumping, flat spots or collapse.

Before firing metal clay in your firing dish, we recommend that you pre-fire your dish and media to 1650F and hold for 1 minute to burn out any impurities from the media and binders from the dish.

This dish is also used for melting pot for gold/silver and scrap jewellery. It has a round bottom with a max temp. of 1204°C (2200°F). 

  • Diameter: 7.62cm (3″)
  • Depth : 0.64cm 
  • Round bottom
  • Material: 28% Aluminium Oxide Mix
  • Max Temp: 1204°C (2200 degree°F) 

Fits perfectly in our Prometheus Mini Kilns and of course in the larger Prometheus and Paragon kilns too.

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Written by Jess on 4th May 2018

So far good. Using to fire metal clay with alumina. Good price and great shope for a variety of pieces

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