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HattieS No Stick is a great coating for hands, textures and tools when working with metal clay. It stops the clay from sticking to you or your tools as you're working.

Simply set the texture, tool, or finger, on the pad surface and apply a light pressure.  It is ideal for stamps and texture tiles as you just press them onto the surface to give them an even coating of non-stick! Be sure to coat all sides and edges of tools that might come into contact with the clay.

The pad also allows for a more strategic use of the No Stick by swiping a finger across the surface to apply to a particular surface area. The coating will prevent all types of metal clay from sticking, including silver, PMC, Art Clay, bronze, copper and gold. Other non stick products available are Badger Balm, our home-made NonStick Mini Balm which comes in several different natural scents, and CoolSlip AntiStick spray - which comes in a spray form.

This product is safe to use and non-toxic.

The size of the pad measures 11cm x 7cm.

Reviews (2)

Loved it but gone mouldy and rancid!

Written by Helen on 17th Dec 2014

I bought this a few months ago and loved how easy it is to use and the lack of mess and perfect application. I came to use it the other day only to find that it's grown orangey bits all over it and smells rancid. I'm not sure it's meant to do that and will (eventually) remember to email about it. I would still buy another one because it is very useful.

Even coating is a winner

Written by Nana on 8th Jun 2014

Really nice easy way to coat a texture plate without getting it too wet. I hope it doesn't dry out to fast, but can't tell yet.

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