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The professional, powerful and pretty Lilly Kiln is a large yet portable kiln, suitable for both personal and professional use. Don't be fooled by the prettiness and sweet colours, this is a reliable solid workhorse which you can rely on for many years to come. Based on the popular and trustworthy Paragon SC2 design, the Lilly Kiln gives you a fast securely controlled firing, a large firing space, and a reliable digital controller; all at a low running cost of about 17-20 pence/hour!

It is perfect for Art Clay, PMC, and all other metal clays, as well as glass fusing. It is also great for glass clay, basic glass slumping, enamelling, low fire ceramics, and china painting, lost wax casting, as well as annealing and hardening silver, gold and other metals.

It's a 1093°C front-loading kiln, with a built-in, easy-to-use, 3-key digital programmable controller. The side handles makes it easy to carry and move.


The Lilly Kiln uses the reliable Sentry Xpress 4.0 3-key Digital Controller (like the standard Paragon SC2, and similar to the Sierra and Evenheat kilns).

The programmable controller means you can set what temperature you want the kiln to fire at (target temperature), and also tell it how fast you want it to heat up (ramp speed), and how long you want it to hold at the firing temperature (hold/soak time), and the kiln will then turn the heating off once it has completed the programme. If you want you can also say how slow it should cool down, and if it should hold at a temperature whilst cooling down.

The kiln comes with 5 pre-set programmes, ideal to use until you feel comfortable using the controller. You can also set 4 programmes yourself, and each programme can have up to 8 segments. A segment could be like this: heat up at 300° C per hour, until you get to 800°C, then hold that temperature for 45 minutes. 

To be able to set several segments with different heating speeds and temperatures is very useful if you're firing base metals, like copper and bronze (where you want to heat up slower and hold steady to burn the binder out at a lower temperature before the full firing at a higher temperature), or doing glass fusing (which needs a slow heating, and a slow cool down, with a soak/hold at a low temperature to anneal the glass once fused). 

A good thing with programmes is that you only set them once, and they will stay there until you change them. So you could set one programme for firing silver clay, another for fusing glass coasters, and another for that perfect BRONZclay firing schedule you've come up with.



The outer steel case measures 350mm x 385mm x 395mm, and is slotted for air circulation. The air between the outer and the inner case allows the outside to stay cool even at extended hold times. There's a vent with a vent plug at the top of the kiln (remove this for lost wax casting). 

The door opens 180° to the side, to give you good safety clearance if you're loading or unloading the kiln whilst hot. It is normal for the metal above the door and around the vent to discolour slightly with use.

The high-tech ceramic firing chamber is enclosed in an inner steel case, and measures 200mm x 200mm x 145mm internally, and heats from the top, sides and bottom, with the fast-firing elements safely embedded in the ceramic. It has two separate heating elements in the left and right sides of the firing chamber, whilst the back has no element. Extensive testing shows that the heat distribution is more even throughout the firing chamber, as heat does not build up in the back of the kiln. 

It comes with a 177mm x 177mm, 15mm thick (7" x 7" x 5/8") ceramic fibre shelf and four 1.3cm (1/2") posts and a vent plug.


You can use stainless steel mesh to build up additional layers to fire more items in one go, a good option is this Economy Stainless Steel Mesh . You might also want to get a pair of kiln tweezers for removing warm kiln shelves.


This kiln is rated at 240V/1415W with a UK three pin earthed plug, so plugs into a regular mains socket. Based on an average electricity cost in the UK in February 2016, to run the kiln for an hour would cost you about 17-21 pence.

12 month warranty - please register your kiln on the Paragon website.  



  • Pro1 fires to 800°C (1472°F) for 5 minutes (PMC3 fastest)
  • Pro2 fires to 700°C (1300°F) for 10 minutes (PMC3 fastest)
  • Pro3 fires to 900°C (1650°F) for 10 minutes (PMC+ fastest)
  • Pro4 fires to 800°C (1472°F) for 5 minutes (yes, this is the same as programme 1, we're not sure why
  • Pro5 fires to 900°C (1650°F) for 30 minutes (Strongest PMC+, PMC3, Art Clay 650)
  • Pro6-Pro9 are all user defined programmes, so you can set them as you wish.










Sentry Xpress 4.0 3-key programmable controller

5 pre-set programmes

4 manual programmes, each with up to 8 segments

Max temperature

1093º C  (2000º F)

Heating elements

4; top, bottom and sides

External size (widest points)

Width x Depth x Height all in mm

350 x 385 x 395 (13.7" x 15.15" x 15.55")

Firing chamber

Width x Depth x Height all in mm

200 x 200 x 145  (7.9" x 7.9" x 5.7")


5.8 litres


16.3kg (36lbs)


Quick explanation of some basic kiln lingo: 

Target temperature

The temperature you want your kiln to heat up to (or cool down to), i.e. the temperature you need to fire your material at.



Digital controller

How you tell your kiln what to do. With a digital controller you press buttons. Older (or simpler) kilns sometimes just have a rotary controller which you turn until you're happy with the temperature - digital controllers are much easier to control.



Ramp function

A function which allows you to tell the kiln how fast (or slow) it should heat up/cool down. Mostly used in glass fusing and for some base metal clay firings, or for other materials which needs heating and/or cooling under more controlled conditions.



Ramp speed

The speed at which the kiln heats up, or cools down.



Hold time

How long your kiln should hold the target temperature. E.g., fire at 650°C for 30 minutes - 30 minutes is the hold time.



Firing chamber

The inside of your kiln, where you place your things to be fired.



Kiln shelf

A small shelf on which you fire things. Never fire direct on the kiln floor.




12 month manufacturer's warranty, excluding improper storage and usage.

Reviews (2)

Fantastic kiln with easy to use programmer

Written by Jeff Gynane on 17th Sep 2016

So far great results using silver, bronze and copper with magic carbon, very pretty to look at and looking forward to many years of productive use. Although not part of product review I would like to mention that I have found the effort that's gone into the metal clay.com website fantastic, a great level of detail which has helped answer many questions for me, who is new to this hobby which will self fund through craft sales


Written by nicole borbely on 26th Feb 2016

I have had my lilly kiln since September and absolutely love it. It's had loads of space and is so easy to use plus it looks great. Would definitely recommend it!

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