Metal Stamping Tool Set

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All the essential tools for metal stamping in one convenient set! (A £3.15 savings) 

This set includes:

* 1x 453g (1lb) Ergonomical Brass Hammer - this hammer from ImpressArt is the first hammer ever to be designed specifically for metal stamping. Its scaled down ergonomic handle makes the hammer easy to handle and ensures force and accuracy. The 453g (1 lb) brass head is designed to prevent double impressions and to help you to leave deeper and sharper impressions than standard hammers.

* 1x Vintaj Steel Bench BlockAn ideal surface for letter imprinting, riveting, texturing and hammering findings to create a distressed look. The Vintaj steel bench block measures: 10cm x 10cm x 1.3cm (4" x 4" x 1/2")

* 1x Stamp Straight Tape - Simply place a piece of tape across your surface to create a straight line and use the top edge as a guide to place your metal stamps against. Stamp Straight Tape is designed especially for metal stamping so it won’t leave any residue behind and the thickness provides an easily defined ridge to line stamps against

Reviews (1)

Great tool set to get you started

Written by Lacey Kerr on 23rd May 2016

Perfect for the basic set up if you're looking to start stamping. The brass hammer has a good weight to it for accurate stamps and the straight tape is great for both stamping in a straight line and securing your metal blank to the block. Would recommend!

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