Milliput - Standard - 113.4g

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Milliput is a versatile manipulative two-part epoxy putty which can be used for almost anything! It is pliable and easily shaped after mixing, and sets rock hard in 2-3 hours.

Here's a few applications to name a few:

  • Modelmaking
  • Jewellery making
  • Casting and mould making
  • Sculpting 
  • Restoration and repair
  • Adhere to, seal or bond metals, wood, plastics, glass, tile, brick, cement, etc
  • Fill dents and scores in metal, plastic, wood, or fibreglass
  • Underwater applications
  • DIY repairs - plumbing, automotive, marine

How to use:

  • Take equal sized amounts from each stick, and blend together by rolling, kneading and folding around 30 times until the colour is uniform and streak-free.
  • It can then be manipulated like modelling clay, and used as needed.
  • The Milliput will go rock hard in 2-3 hours at normal room temperature, and will not shrink.
  • Once set, it can be turned, sawn, drilled, tapped, filed, sandpapered, painted, or cellulose sprayed.

To create a colour of your choice, you can:

  • Blend different milliput colours together
  • Mix a small amount of powder pigment (so that the mixture doesn't become too dry and crumbly)
  • Liquid colourings, like enamel paints, oil paints, spirit based-dyes or pigments can also be used to colour Milliput, but liquids or pastes may be difficult to introduce into the putty. Small quantities should be used to avoid creating a very wet mix that may be difficult to mix.

Please note: Milliput may cause an allergic skin reaction.

Milliput has a storage life of approximately 2 years when stored in cool, dry conditions. Place unused epoxy putty in polythene bags and re-seal. Storage at high temperatures or high humidity may reduce shelf life.


Standard Milliput in Yellow-Grey colour.

Size: 113.4g (4oz)


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