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Miniature pack of 2 part silicone moulding compound. Pop one in your bag or pocket to capture textures, patterns, shapes and other fascinating things whilst out of the studio!

To use, mix equal parts of the two colours until they become one even colour. Press onto the texture or shape you want to capture. Let cure for about 5 minutes. When you can press a finger nail into the compound without it leaving a mark, it is ready to de-mould.

Perfect handbag size, only about 5cm across the top.

*Do not use with rubber (latex) gloves*

*Colour of the moulding compound may vary*

Reviews (12)

Probably ok for other projects, but not great for Fingerprints - And they have gone off after a couple of years

Written by Joanne Taylor on 26th Feb 2017

I primarily bought these for fingerprints, but found that in young children they didn't pick up enough of the prints. After making a resin cast of the mould I was basically left with a finger shaped indentation with no lines. I purchased some of the expensive japanese stuff and this works much better. I have kept them stored in my toolbox for a couple of years and decided to use some to make a mould of some texture, but on mixing it I found it just wouldn't set, even after being left overnight. I thought I might have done something wrong with the amounts of each so tried again and same effect. I'm not sure if they have gone off but I've basically had to bin the whole batch - I've kept the containers though, they are really useful for carrying small amounts of the japanese compound in my handbag. Disappointed in these though as I thought they would be a cheaper solution for grabbing moulds of textures and I'd bought 4 of them that are all going to get thrown out now. They are probably good if used quickly enough and just on textures, but there's no warning that I could find on them that they have a short shelf life. I won't be purchasing any more of these anyway.

moulding any time any where

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 26th Feb 2016

A perfect size to have in your handbag so you can use it anytime anywhere. Can be refilled as necessary.

soft and captured very fine detail.

Written by James on 16th Dec 2015

First time using a molding putty and this worked better than expected. The object I was making a mould of was very brittle so I was concerned about how hard I could push to get a good replication. The compound was very soft so it wasn't an issue. It did take longer to cure than expected so I left it overnight. the cured mould did not stick to the item so it lifted of well and intact. All in great stuff.

Just the job

Written by AndyM on 21st Apr 2015

I've not gotten around to using mine though, but I think this can roll around in my bag for ages, and be fine. Very tight closure. Perfect.

Handbag friendly!

Written by Lacey Kerr on 19th Feb 2015

The pot is perfect to keep in my handbag and for topping up from my bigger batch of compound. Saves me carrying around those bigger tubs!

Stampmaker + this = NO

Written by undefined on 20th Feb 2014

wouldn't cure properly on a stamp-maker plate it would not fully cure, 0.5mm layer of non cured stuff.. ruined my whole pot... Can't really comment on other things as I used the whole thing trying my best to get a cure on that. That is possibly not its fault, and I am putting that down to some odd reaction between the two. so please if you want to use this with the stamp maker sachets... DONT... If you want it for something else listen to others reviews :) 3 stars cos I think it was some odd reaction.

Highly recommended

Written by Helen Foster-Turner on 2nd Oct 2013

I buy these for my courses as they are just the right size to do two or three projects and the containers can be refilled from larger pots. I keep one in my handbag all the time.


Written by undefined on 15th Aug 2013

Brilliant results and idea pocket size container.

got a fingerprint impression

Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2013

A bit greasy and sticky at first - best to leave it for a minute or two after mixing before using, else it just sticks to finger. A pea sized amount of each is perfect for a fingerprint impression, so enough to do several even in these mini pots.

Hidden Treasure

Written by undefined on 24th Nov 2012

Love this little moulding compound set. Keep it on me always and get to mould some unusual surfaces while out and about in the world. Wouldn't be without it. Keep refilling it from a larger set kept in my workshop.

moulding compound

Written by sally on 11th Aug 2012

handy size,

Brilliant - Always at hand

Written by Jentie on 26th Nov 2010

This is such a nifty way to always have moulding compound close at hand. I carry it in my handbag or pocket, for when I'm out and about and find interesting items to quickly take a mould of. I refill with moulding compound from the larger product when I run out.

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