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Premium Coconut Carbon is reliable for all brands of copper, bronze and silver clays. It can be re-used over and over, until it breaks down (which is a slow process). With just a 4% consumption rate per firing, the Premium Coconut Carbon simply lasts longer! 

Carbon is used to create oxygen reduced environments, allowing successful sintering of metal clays. Some metal clays, in particular copper and bronze, are buried in activated carbon during firing to avoid the creation of fire-scale, that is difficult to remove from the surface of the fired metal. Fire scale, or fire-stain, is created when copper is heated in the presence of oxygen. Carbon is used as a firing media for copper-based clays because one of it’s properties is the ability to absorb oxygen. 

Not all carbons are the same. Some carbons won't work at all for firing metal clay, others will give you a handful of good firings before they are spent, some will work for one kind or brand of clay and not for another, but this Premium Coconut Carbon has been pre-tested to fire non silver as well as silver metal clays that require carbon firing. This carbon provides reliable, consistent results. In extensive trials it's been demonstrated that the simple recommended firing process will result in just a 4% charcoal consumption per firing when the most demanding copper clay temperatures of 1800ºF for 3 hours is used. The 4% consumption rate will be even lower when firing copper for 2 hours and even lower still when firing bronze clays for the even shorter times and lower temperatures recommended.

Size - Approx. 450g bag

PLEASE NOTE: Actual weight might vary slightly from bag to bag.

PLEASE NOTE: carbon can be dusty, so please take the relevant precautions when handling. When using a new type of carbon, clay or kiln, it is always recommended to do test strips from your metal clay to gauge the correct firing temperature and time. There’s nothing worse than spending hours on a gorgeous piece, to only have an unsuccessful firing ruin it.

**Heating carbon to elevated temperatures can result in the release of carbon monoxide. Use in a well ventilated area.

Reviews (3)

Great product

Written by Hilary Thorogood on 29th Apr 2019

Great product. I haven’t used bronze clay before or fired in carbon. This particular carbon has been excellent. Fired beautifully the firing schedule is very important too but the carbon is key to whether it fires or not! Carbon is clean, and reusable you will need to replace it after a run of firings as It does get used but I did quite a number of firings with it before I needed to. I would suggest keeping a spare bag and replacing so you always have one in hand.

Premium carbon

Written by Ana Townsend on 26th Sep 2017

Excellent carbon to fire with all metal clays.

Great carbon

Written by JUDE GOSWELL on 6th Nov 2016

Lasts a lot longer than the basic coconut carbon. Less dust. Works brilliantly with the Aussie Clays. Very cost effective.

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