Ring Pellet Mould - Half Sizes

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Never worry about metal clay shrinkage when you’re making rings again - the Ring Pellet Mould ensures your rings are perfectly sized every time!
A Ring Pellet (also called ring sizer, or ring stopper, shrinkage stopper), is a special pellet or plug that is placed inside the ring shank during firing to control the size. The pellet is made from a special material that does not shrink or burn during firing. As the metal clay sinters, it shrinks tightly around the pellet so the ring is the exact diameter of the pellet after firing. After cooling, the ring is put into water to dissolve the pellet. 

With this mould you can cast your own Ring Sizers as and when needed. A half sized mould creates one pellet of each half size from H-X (4 to 12 in US sizes).

We recommend you use our smooth Silica Free Casting Powder to cast ring pellets - just mix and pour into the mould. 

  1. Make your ring as normal (please consult the clay manufacturer's instructions to figure out how many sizes it shrinks when fired, silver clay can shrink anything between 7-25% depending on brand and type). Don't build your ring directly on the Ring Sizer Pellet.
  2. Cast your ring pellet to the desired size.
  3. Once the ring and the pellet is fully dried, place the ring stopper pellet inside the ring and fire as per the silver clay's recommended firing schedule.
  4. After it’s fully cooled, place in a container of water to dissolve the pellet. 

*Do not quench the ring when hot! If the pellet is hot and the water is cold, a potentially dangerous thermal shock can occur* 

- Your ring pellet mould will last for years to come if well looked after.
- Do not leave in direct sunlight- When not in use, wrap the mould in cling film, or place in its original box, or in a tightly sealed plastic container
- Do not wrap in paper or leave sitting in paper (it will leach the oils from the could and cause it to dry out)
- Do not breathe in the silica-free investment powder.  We recommend always wearing a mask when using it with the pellet mould.
- Do not pour unused casting powder down the drain. It will stick to your pipes and cause a blockage. Instead, wipe out your freshly used mixing container with a damp paper towel, or rinse off your container outside.
Whilst these pellets are super-handy and will definitely give you an accurately sized ring every time, don't forget that stopping the clay from shrinking fully means you could create weak spots. Your clay wants to shrink, that is what sinters all the silver particles together to give you a strong silver piece. Please be extra careful with your shrinkage sizing when using pellets like this. 

Mould includes 9 Half Sizes of Pellet, from H-X (4 to 12 in US sizes).

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So pleased to have found this

Written by KC on 26th Sep 2019

I made a plaster cast of the sizes in order to make porcelain rings. This worked really well. It would be great if they did the same mould in larger sizes too.

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