RMR Laser Texture Paper - Crackle Paint - 102 x 178mm

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The only place in the UK to get these laser texture papers from Rolling Mill Resources! The laser cut designs on thick card are perfect for giving you crisp and detailed imprints into metal clay. 

If you've every been to a class with Joy Funnell, you've probably used these and know she absolutely loves them. And now so do we! Joy's even created her own signature texture designs which you can find here: Wiggles of JoyTangles of JoyWhirls of Joy, and Whirls of Joy Reversed.

These texture papers were designed to use with metal clay but work great in a rolling mill too! 

Just coat the paper generously before use in a little olive oil, to ensure it doesn't stick to the metal clay. You can use these textures with silver and base metal clays. Ideally keep separate papers between different clay types, to avoid any cross contamination. This is especially important between base metal clay and silver clay.

Whilst not rubber or plastic, these papers last a surprisingly long time as long as they are looked after carefully.

The texture is approximately 127 x 178mm (4 x 7")



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Written by Kay Newman on 23rd Nov 2018

Not impressed at all. Expensive piece of paper, despite a lot of Badger Balm, the clay stuck all over it, finally managed to texture the small bit I wanted. Sheet is now pretty much useless as it is ridged and discoloured. Very disappointed. *** Response from Metal Clay Ltd: Hi Kay, The laser texture papers should not stick to your clay, this shows it hasn't been lubricated enough. We use these a lot in our studio, and love the beautiful results they give. We would ONLY recommend using olive oil with these - not Badger Balm. Apply a liberal amount, almost so the paper starts looking a little translucent - it should look like oily paper. You should be able to clean your sheet up with a dry paintbrush, and then apply olive oil, which will help release any clay stuck to it. Once clean, add a little extra oil, let it seep in, and then try again. Please note - if there is clay stuck to the paper, any new clay WILL stick to this, so you need to get the paper clean and start again.

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