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Introducing the very fabulous and super-usable Roll Maker Tentacle Maker! 

Introductory sale price!  


Our new Roll Maker XL is the ultimate tool to make textured snakes and coils in seconds, with any clay or putty - it doesn't just make tentacles, it also makes caterpillars, worms, ropes, horns, wires, tubes, and more! Once you get your hands on this we're sure you'll keep discovering things you can make with it.

This XL size allows you to make snakes up to 75mm long, there is also a smaller version available here.

Go one step further and shape the snakes into a whole new creation, such as ammonites and textured rings.

See Joy Funnell’s video below on the endless possibilities of the roll maker, and the amazing things she’s made using them!

How to use:

  • On a separate surface, start by rolling your clay or putty into a rough snake shape with the smooth side of a plate. Keep an even thickness, or taper to one end if you want a pointed shape.
  • If using metal clay, apply a little non-stick solution with a brush to both rolling plates you plan to use beforehand. Something like Cool Slip would work very well.
  • If using crafting putty or polymer clay, you may need to wet the plates and your fingers with bit of water to reduce stickiness.
  • Place pre-rolled snake onto the textured plate in your desired position, bearing in mind the direction of the texture (play around with different angles and directions to see what results you prefer).
  • Snap a guide on the side or corner of the plate, then roll the snake with another plate using the guide to get an even texture. Mix and match rolling plates to create various textures - match texture and line direction for an even texture, or mix it up with smaller/larger lines and angles!
  • Use a toothbrush after use to clear any residue if needed.  Never use wire brushes or metal implements, as this could damage the texture.

The Roll Maker XL will allow to make tentacles up to 75mm length without joints, and is also compatible with the Roll Maker standard plates. Guide bars are stackable to allow you to make thicker pieces such us columns or trees.

A smaller version of the Roll Maker can be found here.

This set includes:

  • 2 x thick line plates - XL Version
  • 2 x rounded line plates - XL Version
  • 2 x thin line plates - XL Version
  • 2 x stackable guide bars. Clip at 90º or 45º angles.

Size: Make rolls up to 75mm long.

Reviews (2)

Roll Maker review

Written by Katie H. on 26th Sep 2019

What a fun tool! Having a blast making all kinds of snakes and ropes and decorative elements with this! I’m sure I’ll come up with lots more ideas to use it for, too. Thanks, Joy, for introducing us to this handy and fun gadget!

Roll maker set XL

Written by Ana Townsend on 25th Sep 2019

Fun product. Easy to use. Great with polymerclay and metal clays.

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