Scratch Foam Texture Making - Large A4 (12x9")

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Scratch foam boards - make your own custom textures for metal clay with no need for expensive tools! 

These sturdy but soft sheets lets you use anything from a toothpick, blunt pencil, or ball-point pen, to a ball burnisher, dotting tool, or ball tool, to simply ‘engrave’ into the foam. You can even press hard objects with interesting patterns, like a shell or a button into the Scratch Art foam board to recreate the pattern in your clay. The areas where you’ve pressed into the foam will become raised areas in your clay. It’s super smooth so can pick up very fine details. 

If you've taken a class with Joy Funnell you know she uses Scratch foam sheets a lot.

To create a texture in the scratch foam: 

  1. Draw your design with a pencil or ball point pen to make a light impression
  2. You can then carefully go over the design with a very fine pin tool or scalpel blade if you want to deepen the cut
  3. Finally go over the design with a ball burnisher to create a smooth channel
  4. Depending on depth and width of channel required, increase the size of the ball ended embossing tool

After you’ve created your texture, spray a small amount of Cool Slip at a distance, then gently press onto freshly rolled out clay. Take care not to press too hard, as the clay can stick to the foam! We recommend using a spray non-stick solution rather than balm, as it might fill in the texture.

Please note - scratchfoam is not flexible, and will snap if bent too far. Textures might eventually wear down after a moderate level of use, and after spraying non-stick solutions onto ‘high traffic’ areas.

1 x sheet approx. A4/Letter size or 22.5cm x 30cm (12x9")

The Scratch foam Art Board is also available in a smaller A5 size (half the size) If you are comparing prices, make sure you look at the size of the sheet listed as many are smaller sizes.

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