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The screen mesh structure of the Japanese brand Spectrum pro-quality finishing and polishing papers means they don't clog up very fast. You can work with this much longer than with traditional abrasives. It is reversible (yes, you can use both sides!) and washable, enabling faster, more effective finishing and a longer service life. Their synthetic fibre backing contains carefully graded white aluminium oxide abrasive that can be used wet or dry. Lasts longer than the 3M polishing papers. They really give you the most fantastic mirror like finish on fired base metal clay like the BRONZclay and COPPRclay, and of course also on silver clay. They are great on unfired clay, as you simply rinse them clean when they clog up with clay dust. Each sheet is 8 1/2" x 11" or 216x279mm.

The set includes 6 sheets, 1 of each of the following sheets:

Lime - 4000 grit, 3 Micron
Peach - 3000 grit, 4 Micron
Light Blue - 2000 grit, 9 Micron
Pink - 1000 grit, 15 Micron
Yellow - 800 grit, 18 Micron
Blue - 600 grit, 20 Micron.

Start with the coarsest grit (Blue) working your way through in order to the finest (Lime).

Reviews (9)

Clay polishing cloths

Written by Susan on 22nd Sep 2017

These fine cloths are easy to use , long lasting and give a beautiful finish. They arrived quickly and in good order

Spectrum Polishing papers

Written by Dawn on 4th Apr 2017

I've bought these in place of the 3M, because I seemed from the research I did, that they would be more durable. I've used them on my ACS when it's at greenware stage, after my 3m ultrafine sanding sponge. I'm finding them really easy to use and to reclaim the sanding dust from. I did find the order in which to use them a little confusing - the micron number doesn't reflect the grit, so it would have been helpful to have received a note explaining which to work through. As it is, I found the answer on another (American) site and have written the order on my pieces with permanent marker.


Written by Sara Johnson on 1st Dec 2015

Wonderful product, great to use!

Spectrum pollishing papers

Written by Shirley. on 2nd Sep 2015

Very good to work with. Soft, flexible and effective. not used wet yet.

Great papers, just time consuming

Written by Lexington on 30th Apr 2015

The papers are great and leave a lovely shine however to get that shine it takes ALOT of time and effort!!! I love that they can be used wet and dry and I think that made my life a lot easier! I have used them so much!

Great for Polymer Clay also

Written by Frances on 14th Mar 2015

I bought these to use on Polymer Clay doll parts. They're great and produce a lovely silky finish with very little effort. I will also try them on my silver clay items as they have had such good reviews. I wish I could buy the individual grades separately though.

Great for Dry Clay

Written by Lacey Kerr on 19th Feb 2015

Haven't used them after firing yet, but they are perfect for sanding your piece before firing. Would recommend.

Brilliant shine

Written by Jen Smith on 8th Mar 2014

Love these papers. I find them much better than the 3M, but guess that depends your polishing preferences. I get a fab mirror shine. Would like them sold separately though.

Prefer these to the 3m papers

Written by Sue Winter on 28th Mar 2011

These give a really great shine though I find that there are sometimes tiny scratches still which I get rid of by using the silicone polishing tips. Definitely last longer than the 3M polishing papers and seem to take slightly less effort to achieve the same result, though as with the 3M ones I would like to be able to buy the coarser grades seperately as I get through them quicker than the finer grades. They do throw quite a bit of 'dust' into the air when used dry so I always wear a mask when using them. Haven't tried them wet yet though, perhaps this is better.

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