Thermoworx Coolmorph - 100g

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Coolmorph™ is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer which melts at 42°C and consists of small off-white plastic granules. By heating these granules in warm water (usually from a hot tap or similar) you can easily melt the pellets to form a transparent, flexible material. Once melted, the opaque white pellets fuse together, become transparent and soften, allowing you to easily form the plastic by hand into unique shapes.  

This stuff is amazing and has some brilliant uses for jewellery makers! If you were at YCMI, you might have seen Mr Kuniaki use this as a ring holder during his demonstration - just melt it, set your ring in it and leave it to harden. Now your ring is held perfectly and solidly in place, leaving you with both hands free to work. When you're ready to get your ring out, just melt the Coolmorph to make it soft again, take your ring out, and save the Coolmorph to use again next time! 

Maybe you have a favourite tool but the handle just isn't comfortable? Mould your own custom handle with Coolmorph! 


  • Simply heat the pellets in water to over 42°C 
  • Leave the pellets to melt in water until they turn transparent
  • Remove the pellets from the water and mould by hand (add colour at this stage if required)
  • Allow the Coolmorph™ to cool until hardened
  • Re-heat if further moulding is required

- 100% non-toxic
- Re-usable 
- Sets harder than Oyumaru moulding compound. 

* Please take care when using mouldable plastics. Hot water can burn so be careful and take safely precautions. Children 8+ should only use Polymorph under adult supervision. 

What is the difference between Coolmorph and Polymorph? The main difference is the melting point. Coolmorph™ melts at temperatures above 40°C and Polymorph™ at over 60°C.  When hardened, Coolmorph™ is slightly more flexible and is an off white colour. 


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