Toyobo Photopolymer Plate - Steel-Backed - 1.5mm depth

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Toyobo steel-backed photopolymer plate - 1.50mm thickness

This deep steel-backed photopolymer plate is perfect for enamelling and deep impression designs. 

Photopolymer plates are UV sensitive plates which are used to create stamps from your own artwork, drawings, fingerprints, handwriting, or photos. You layer your artwork and photopolymer plate in a exposure clamp kit, and expose it to UV light. This hardens any areas on the plate which the UV light can reach. After exposure, you rinse the plate in water, and with a brush you remove any uncured parts - leaving you with a perfect stamp. For detailed instructions on how to use photopolymer plates, go to our Learn More section. 

Use good quality metal sheers or a guillotine to cut the plate to the size you need.

We offer this plate in the following sizes: 

  • A8 - 2 pieces. Each piece is approximately 52 x 74 mm (2.0" x 2.9"), so in the pack you get a total of about 76.96 cm2
  • A7 - 2 pieces. Each piece is approximately 74 x 105 mm (2.875" x 4.125"), so in the pack you get a total of about 155.4 cm2
  • A5 - 1 piece.  The piece is approximately 148 x 210 mm (5.875" x 8.3"), so in the pack you get a total of about 310.80 cm2

IMPORTANT - Photopolymer plates are light sensitive until fully cured, and must be stored in their UV-proof package. Work in a room with as little light as possible, and keep away from windows with natural UV light. To light up your workspace, LED lights work well as they don't cure the plate. 




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So much potential

Written by Thomas on 29th Jul 2015

As a general craft/artist working in polymer clay, metal, photography and paper. This product does it all! Transfer images to copper via your own images, creating stamps Individual to you. Can be intimidating at first but read the excellent step by step instructions provided by The Metal Clay Company, to produce perfectly sharp images and fine detail (depending upon the thickness of plate) Be warned it can become addictive! An excellent addition to anybody's arsenal of creativity!

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