Acrylic Sheet - Coil Roller - 150 x 100 x 2mm

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This rolling device helps you to roll out evenly shaped coils or 'snakes' of clay, which can be difficult to do with your fingers. 

How to use this snake maker or coil maker:

To use it you start with clay as fresh as possible (or extremely carefully reconstituted), as if the clay has started to dry, you might get cracks and end up with a broken snake/coil.

Use your fingers to quickly squeeze and shape your metal clay into a basic log shape. Make sure your fingers are coated with a little olive oil or badger balm to stop them from drying out the clay, and work quickly. You can keep the clay in a little cling film to stop it from drying out, but this part should not take more than about 5 seconds.

Now roll it a couple of times on your work surface with your fingers to round it off. Then, as soon as you have the snake started, switch to the acrylic roller. Roll back and forth over the clay. 

  • If you press too hard you will feel that your coil is becoming oval and then square, and eventually you can't roll it.
  • If you don't apply enough pressure, your coil will not get thinner or longer quickly enough, and it will start drying out. 

Ensure you hold the roller straight - perpendicular with your work surface, so you get nice even coils - or lean it to one side to create a tapered coil.

Use quite long strokes, if you're just rolling back and forth in the same position you won't get very far!

Never try to roll out clay which is wet on the surface. You will end up with a sticky mess, and it won't turn into a snake! The surface should be touchable before you start. If your clay is too dry, remoisten it a little and let it rest in clingfilm before you start, so that all of the clay is moist and pliable.

Size: 150mm x 100mm x 2mm 


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