Adhesives & Tapes

  • Application Milk Thin for Foil

    Application Milk for Metal Leaf

    Application Milk Thin Use to apply metal leaf, flakes, and more. It’s strong and effective while being thin enough as to not add thickness. Adheres to many materials including metals, plastics, wood, paper, card, wood, wax, glass, and ceramics...

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  • Efcolor Adhesive

    Efcolor Adhesive

    Use this Efcolor Adhesive to enamel curved shapes and vertical side pieces with Efcolor powder!  To Use: Stir the glue before using, then coat your item in a thin layer of the adhesive with a paint brush.  Leave for 5-10 minutes for it to...

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  • Stick It! Hot Melt Glue Gun

    Stick It! Hot Melt Glue Gun

    This easy to use hot glue gun is great for all sorts of crafts!  Simply load a glue stick in the end, and prop it up on the retractable stand. Plug it in, and the glue will be warm enough to use after 3-5 minutes. Then squeeze the trigger carefully...

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