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Does exactly what the Agate Burnisher does, but in a slightly less posh package. You'll still get the polished genuine agate, with a bamboo handle, but, there might be minor blemishes. For instance, the handle might not be as polished, or the glue holding the agate to the handle might be visible, or the metal holding the agate is a little stained. However, the agate is still highly polished and it will do its job perfectly. For you, who won't judge a tool on its looks...

Agate shape and point may vary slightly.

Reviews (9)

Perfect shape

Written by Kathy on 4th Mar 2018

The shape allows you to burnish large areas and focus on small sections too. It gives a lovely shine.

Economy burnisher

Written by Fawzi on 19th Jul 2017

works very well, but it is roughly finished. I needed to smooth the metal part.

Does The Job - Excellent Customer Service

Written by Charlie S on 27th Aug 2016

Metal Clay Ltd's customer service is superb! The first burnisher I received had a minor defect in the agate itself (very unusual apparently). I expected defects in the handle, which is fine, but not the agate. I'm glad I mentioned it to Metal Clay, as they replaced it immediately after seeing photos. The replacement does the job it's supposed to and I wouldn't hesitate in using Metal Clay Ltd again.

Great Economy Option

Written by Kate Arnold on 22nd Oct 2015

I bought this burnisher to try with Keum Boo and apart from some minor cosmetic imperfections to the handle, it is perfect. I also purchased the other Economy shape and together they do the job brilliantly. (I had read some reviews that it is better to have two to swap as you work as if they overheat the agate can crack.) I bought these to save some pennies so I would have more to spend on gold foil - and because trying new things doesn't always work and can be expensive. I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing the same again if they ever need replacing down the line. Thank you Metalclay for offering a budget option. :)


Written by Carol H on 16th Jan 2014

Very good tool, easy to manipulate when working on intricate designs. Gives a lovely high shine on raised areas or edges.

Super product

Written by viv5645 on 30th Nov 2013

This works, personally I would prefer a much shorter handle so I have no qualms personalising the tool at this price. The agate does the job.

very nice

Written by Piero Torsello on 4th Sep 2012

Very nice item and very fast delivery

Well worth buying

Written by Jen on 16th Aug 2012

From what I can tell, the only 'defect' on my burnisher is a very small amount of splintering on the end of the wooden handle. The business end of it is in perfect condition, and that's the part that counts! Very happy with it.

Works well if you buy tools to use rather than look at.

Written by undefined on 3rd Jul 2012

Although to be fair there's nothing obviously wrong with the one I received. Still £3 saving is £3.

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