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Can you believe it, the clay we all love has been around for 25 years! We've been part of the journey for the past 16 years, and there has been so many changes to metal clay in that time! To celebrate, Art Clay has released this limited edition collectible tin with 25gm Art Clay Silver 999.

There are three colours available; pink, blue, and purple. Each tin contains one pack of 25gm Art Clay Silver, fine silver formula (99.9%).

Order one and there will be a lucky dip of what colour you get, or, order the set of three to make sure you get one of each colour to collect them all!

And if you are quick we have an extra treat!

Extra treat - the first 20 orders of the set of 3 will also get an exclusive Art Clay 25th Anniversary cotton tote! It's a really handy size, in sturdy unbleached cotton, with a gusset so it is easy to pack full - ideal to take your metal clay goodies to and from the studio or classes...

Want to read a little about the background of Art Clay?

Have a look here:

Art Clay Silver 25gm collectible anniversary tin.

Comes in individual tins (three assorted colours), or as a set of three (one of each colour included).


Could Art Clay Silver 999 be the ideal silver clay? You can fire it easily with a torch, or even on a gas hob.

It is pliable and creamy, with a long working time. It takes all textures beautifully, and carves like a dream. And it shrinks only about 8-9%.

Art Clay has been around since 1995. Since its launch, there has been a few different types of Art Clay Silver, including Art Clay Original Formula, Art Clay 650, Art Clay Slow Tarnish, and Art Clay 650 Slow Dry. When Aida created this clay formula they picked the best parts from their most popular clays - easy moulding, slow drying, and a possible low firing temperature making it suitable for combining with glass and porcelain, and allowing torch and gas hob firings. We think this might just be the ideal silver clay!

  • It is so pliable and has a great workability. It is a lot creamier and pliable than any other previous Art Clay silver clay!
  • It retains and accepts moisture very well, which means it is easier to keep supple and so easy to reconstitute if it dries.
  • It carves and files beautifully in the dry stage - much beter than the existing formulas.
  • Fire with kiln, torch, or gas stove. Using a kiln the minimum recommended firing would be 30 minutes at 650°C or 5 minutes at 800°C. Where possible, we recommend firing at 800°C for 30 minutes for the strongest result.
  • Shrinkage 8-9%.

The clay can be hallmarked as fine silver at any UK Assay Office.


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Art clay silver

Written by Anna on 2nd Feb 2021

Very happy with the product. Good quality product and honest seller. I highly recommend!!!

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