Art Clay Silver Basic Kit

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This well-thought-through Art Clay Silver Basic Kit comes with the basic tools perfect for a beginner to get started with Art Clay silver clay. Choose how much clay you want to add, and get 10% off compared to the retail price.

The instructions in this kit are really detailed and will give you a good understanding of silver clay and how to work with it.

Please note that the kit does not come with a firing method. If you are after a complete kit with absolutely everything you need from beginning to end, you might want to have a look at our Metal Clay Deluxe Starter Kit instead.

  • Choose if you want the kit with or without clay - you'll get 10% off any clay you add to this kit! We have suggested 7gm, have a look below at what you can make with this.
  • Add extras from our list of suggested additional tools to give you everything you need.

Art Clay Basic Kit contains the following:

  • Roller - for rolling out clay
  • Acrylic spacers 1.5mm thick - to help roll the clay out to an even thickness
  • Oyumaru (resin mould) - for making moulds
  • Sponge sanding pad set - to shape and smooth your clay before firing, and to mirror polish your silver after firing (use red, blue and green in this order)
  • Brass Brush - for brushing your piece after firing, leaves a satin finish (style of brass brush may vary from kit to kit)
  • Silver polishing cream - for polishing a piece to a mirror finish  
  • Town Talk Polishing cloth - for polishing a piece to a mirror finish
  • Liver of Sulphur - to give a black patina, antiquing solution
  • Round jump ring - to hang on a chain
  • Instruction booklet - very detailed with superb pictures and instructions

Buy the kit as it is if you already have some metal clay, or add 7gm, 10gm, 20gm, or 50gm of Art Clay Silver New Formula and you will automatically get 10% off the clay price!

7gm of clay rolled out 1.5mm thickTo give you an idea of how much you can make from a 7gm pack of clay, the picture here shows 7gm of clay rolled out 1.5mm thick (the thickness of the spacers in this kit).

You can also choose to add any of the additional extra tools you may require as a beginner. 

What should I add to this kit if I plan on firing on a gas hob or camping stove? The only extra you need is a gas hob firing mesh. You can choose the small mesh or a slightly larger one with a protective cover, both work great. Read more about firing on the gas hob here. 

What should I add to this kit if I plan on firing with a torch? You'll want to add a torch (either the economy or deluxe) and a Fibre Brick. Read more about firing with a torch here. 

Are you new to Art Clay? Read some great beginner tips and advice here!

Reviews (15)

Beginners Kit

Written by John kelly on 30th Jan 2021

I am very much a beginner. I had not made anything from silver clay before but this, a firebrick and blowtorch was enough for me to make a fine silver pendant for my daughters 21st birthday. Well worth the money over buying the separate bits of kit.


Written by NADINE on 22nd Nov 2018

I’m so glad I bought the kit excellent value only thing is I wish it included coolslip

Art clay basic kit

Written by Susan hyslop on 6th Mar 2018

Very happy with the contents of the kit, very good for a complete beginner at a. Dry reasonable price

Good value silver clay kit

Written by Rachel on 21st Dec 2017

I bought this as a gift and added copper clay, handheld gas torch and a fire brick to complete the kit.

Great kit

Written by Andrea Taylor on 9th Apr 2017

Found the kit contained everything a beginner needs. A lot easier buying this kit than ordering everything separately and forgetting something, or not knowing exactly what you need. Well recommended.

great kit

Written by georgie on 21st Apr 2016

This is a fab place to start with metal clay. I found the instruction booklet invaluable! Really recommend this if your starting out with metal clay.

Great kit

Written by Max Moore on 24th Feb 2016

I was really pleased with the kit,great for beginners like me.

Art clay kit for beginner

Written by Suzanne on 21st Feb 2016

Great beginner kit, but I think it should be slightly larger. Overall a fun and easily made item. I do find Metal Clay Ltd on the whole a great value, very fast and helpful.


Written by Sunflow on 6th Jul 2015

I thought the tiny scraps of sanding pads and doll sized polishing cloth were very disappointing. The moulding material must have been the smallest amount that could be cut. Hardly a value for money product. **RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY** Hi Sunflow, We’re sorry to hear you’re disappointed with this product. The Basic Kit was designed for beginners using smaller amounts of clay (7g-10g). Please keep in mind that the sanding pads can be washed and re-used several times. We usually cut our sanding pads to that size here in the office as we find them easier to handle when working with smaller pieces. The Oyumaru moulding compound should be large enough to use with 7 – 10g of clay and is also re-usable. If you contact us directly at , we’d be happy to discuss what we can do to make you feel happier.

Perfect for beginners

Written by undefined on 4th Jul 2015

This kit provides the basics for a person new to silver clay, especially with the option to add on a torch, fibre block, clay and other items. The instructions were excellent. Metal Clay processed my order very quickly.

great value.

Written by Elizabeth Dunn on 26th May 2015

Good value starter kit.

Basic Kit is an excellent starter for metal clay

Written by Lynda on 18th May 2015

Good kit for my first experiment with this medium

Marvellous starter kit

Written by undefined on 12th Nov 2014

I have been thrilled with this basic kit as a starting point for my new hobby.

Essential basic kit; if you are good at improvising

Written by Rainey on 14th Oct 2014

Having never attempted using any type of silver clay before, I thought that this was a good value kit to buy (after looking around at other kits). I added mesh, teflon non stick sheets and clay 10g to the kit, this was all I needed. The only thing I felt should be included this kit was some cutting/sculpting tools; just simple plastic ones, but if you are good at improvising then you should not have a problem finding other things to use :) I very much enjoyed making my first silver piece (I did not make the heart pendant) it was far easier than I expected, I managed to simplify the process even more than i thought possible. I dried my piece in the oven for 20 mins, I used lemon juice in water instead of baking soda, and I used my hob with a small piece of mesh, all because I did not have the recommended things. I am so happy with the result, I would recommend this kit to anyone wanting to start using silver clay.

Art Clay Kit

Written by Fi Moore on 27th Feb 2014

A brilliant introduction to the world of silver clay. I bought 10g of silver clay and made a beautiful heart pendant and a smaller charm. You do need to get the mesh as well to fire on the stove.

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