Bead Builder Mould - Heart

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Bead Builder Mould - Heart 

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Make effortless hollow heart-shaped beads in metal clay with this Bead Builder Heart Mould!

The beads will fit beautifully on PandoraTM style bracelets. Easily add personal touches before firing with a fingerprint, clay shapes, or scribe a name! These bead moulds create 3-dimensional beads by making the bead in two halves. Because the bead is hollow, it uses a minimal amount of clay (approx 4.5g - very dependant upon the amount of paste used, added decorations, or if you manage to squeeze a bit more clay in!).

Start by pressing the clay into the mould, and compress with a vice, clamp, or between your hands for a few seconds. Open up to remove any excess clay, and add any desired texture, then close up again and leave to dry somewhere warm - like an oven, dehydrator, or a cup warmer. Carefully remove from the mould once it’s fully dry by prying each corner open a little. Stick both halves together with Art Clay Silver Paste, and blend the join to make it look seamless. Leave the paste to dry, refine, and fire.

We recommend using our CoolSlip or olive oil to lubricate the mould before each use. Add a recessed edge with our Frame Adapter for Bead Builder Heart!

Dimensions: 13mm

*Fits PandoraTM bracelets when using clay with a 12% or less shrinkage rate.

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Reviews (2)

my best seller

Written by amy on 13th Jan 2018

Since using this mould I have been able to create perfect compatible beads. They are very popular! The charms do need a bit of work once dried and out of the mould if you want a seamless finish but it is totally worth it for the finished result.

fab little moulds

Written by Sharon on 13th Sep 2016

I love these bead builders, I have now bought and used all 6 of them. The only one I'm not sure on is the donut because the bead is quiet small. I'd definitely recommend the advanced cutter, fitting adapters mould and the frame adapters. The square and circle bead builders with the frame adapter are great for adding photos to the recess. I have used them for pandora bracelets for family but also as necklaces on leathers, looks effective with single bead as loose choker.

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