Bezel Builder - Round 3mm

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Bezel Builder - Round 3mm

Easily create accurate, neat, and professional clay bezels for setting stones!

Start by pressing the clay into the mould, and compress with a vice, G-clamp, or firmly between your hands for a few seconds. Open up to remove any excess clay, and add any desired texture, then close up again and leave to dry somewhere warm - like an oven, dehydrator, or even on a cup warmer! Carefully remove from the mould once it’s fully dry by prying each corner open a little, then just pop out the mould!

Attach your dry clay bezel to a clay ring with Art Clay Silver Paste or slip, add your 3mm round stone, then fire. The clay will shrink around your stone as it fires, and create a perfect fit! We recommend using CoolSlip or olive oil to lubricate the mould before each use.

Dimensions: 3mm internal diameter before firing

Use our New Bezel Shrinkage Stopper with Silica Free Casting Powder to get the perfect sized Bezel every time!

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Written by maria bateson on 20th Jul 2016

This is so easy to use and gets great results every time. So easy... just put a blob of clay in and assemble the parts, then leave to dry and hey presto, uniform, perfect bezels every time, couldn't be easier! If you want prefoessional, consistent bezels that fit the stones perfectly, you need this.

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