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A favourite of metal clay artist and enamelist, Pam East, this six piece stackable screen set will fill all your needs for screening and sizing your enamels. 

The set includes 100 mesh, 150 mesh, 200 mesh, and 325 mesh screens and two solid pans.    

Use each screen individually, or stack them to separate the enamel particle sizes. A solid pan on the bottom will catch the fine enamel particles that sift through. Use a second solid pan on top when screening to keep floating enamel dust under control.


Super fine enamel particles, called 'fines', can cause transparent enamels to appear cloudy. Removing the fines will improve the clarity of your transparent enamels. It is not necessary to screen opaque enamels.

To use the screen, start by nesting it firmly in a solid pan. Place enamel in the screen and add a clean quarter size coin. The coin helps push the enamel through the screen. Nest a second pan firmly on top of the screen to limit the enamel dust introduced into the air. Gently shake the stack back and forth for 15 to 30 seconds. Use the enamel that remains on top of the screen. Discard the fines that end up in the bottom pan.

Safety Note: Always use a dust mask rated N95, P95 or higher when sifting or screening enamels. Even with the caps, enamel dust will become airborne when the stack is opened, so proper safety precautions should be taken. You can purchase one of these masks from us here

Mesh size is determined by the number of holes per linear inch. The higher the number, the finer the screen. 

200 Mesh - Use this screen for general clarifying of transparent enamels. Works well for most enamelling projects. After screening use the enamel that remains on top of the screen.

150 and 325 Mesh - Transparent enamel can be clarified even more by sizing it through these two screens. This technique is used when enamelling over a detailed texture. Stack the 150 mesh screen on top of the 325 mesh screen with a quarter size coin in each pan. Place solid pans top and bottom. After screening enamel, use the enamel that remains on top of the 325 mesh screen. Enamel on top of the 150 mesh screen may be reserved for future use. Discard the fines in the bottom pan.

100 Mesh. Screening 80 mesh through a 100 mesh screen will produce slightly larger grain size. This is useful when screening clear enamel to be used as a top coat to fill up areas that have already reached the desired colour density. It's also useful for applying a top coat over decorative foils. Enamel in the bottom pan should be reserved for future use.

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Written by Cliff Hurley on 5th Aug 2019

Bought this set of sifters as they come with the meshes I need and come with lid and base, which is pretty essential. Good value, glad I bought it!

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