Foredom Carving Set - Dial Speed Control with H50 Handpiece and Chisel set

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This Foredom kit gives you power assisted carving in all types of wood, plastic, plaster and soft carving stone. The reciprocating action from the H.50 hammer type handpiece means you only need a very light touch to engage the hammering chisel action. The dial control gives you the ultimate speed control which is needed for carving safely.

The H.50 handpiece is shaped like the popular H.44T, with a unique, curved and rugged textured plastic barrel and tapered aluminium tip. H.50 offers power assist to carving with hammering action, not rotary.

You can use this handpiece with the Foredom SR Series motor, and other "universal' motors and flexshafts with a standard key-tip connection. Its optimum speed range is 3,000-10,000 rpm, and the max operating speed is 18,000 rpm.

The H50 handpiece is 15 cm (6″) long, 2.54cm (1″) in diameter and weighs 131gm (4.6 oz).

Foredom recommends the use of a bench top dial speed control, instead of a more common foot pedal, to help you run at a steady speed (and within the recommended speed range).
Never risk going too fast damaging your chisels or your work again, as you can set and keep any speed you want when connected to a dial control! Always use chisels in forward rotation only. For optimum performance use between 1,000 and 8,000 rpm. 

What is in the kit?

  • C.EMH-1 Dial Speed Control 230V/UK 3-pin plug
  • H.50C Chisel Handpiece
  • 6pc Chisel/Cutters included with H.50C handpiece (same as  AKHK550)
    • A-KC503 - #3 - 9mm
    • A-KC504 - #7 - 8mm
    • A-KC505 - #11 x 3.5 mm 20 degree sharpening angle
    • A-KC506 - 70º x 5.5 mm  25 degree sharpening angle
    • A-KC509 - #1 - 9mm
    • A-KC510 - #2 - 9mm Right Skew
  • 5pc Chisel/Cutter set (AKHK560)
    • A-KC501 - #3 - 14mm
    • A-KC502 - #7 - 13mm
    • A-KC507 - 70º x 8 mm  20 degree sharpening angle
    • A-KC508 - #8 - 10 mm
    • A-KC511 - #1 - 14.5mm

These chisels also fit other power chisel tools, like Proxxon and WeCheer.

All the cutters/chisels in this kit have 18mm long tangs and 55mm overall lengths, from cutting edge to end of tang.


After every 200 hours of use you should clean and lubricate the H.50 handpiece. The old grease must be cleaned off of the interior cam chamber and replaced with new lubricant. You can find the Foredom Lubricant Grease here

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