Gum Arabic - 28g

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We primarily carry this product for our Pearl-Ex and Efcolor customers who want to be able to apply colour to a rounded or curved surface, without the colour slipping off before it has dried.

You can also combine it with Pearl-Ex, or other powdered pigments, to produce a glossy brushing or stamping solution. It is easily mixed and cleaned up with water. 

Also known as Gum Acacia, this non toxic gum has so many uses.  This gum comes in a powder form and is made from the hardened sap taken from the Acacia Tree.  The gum is heavily used in the food industry as a stabiliser.  It is also commonly used in printing, paint & glue production and cosmetics.

Gum Arabic's natural ingredients give it the property of a glue and a binder which is edible.  It is used in the following products: soft drink syrups; gummy sweets; marshmallows; edible glitter, cake decorating; pharmaceutical drugs; shoe polish; postage stamps and envelopes! It is traditionally used as a binding agent in watercolour paints because it dissolves easily in water - when a pigment of any colour is mixed into the gum the water acts as a vehicle to thin the watercolour and to help transfer the paint to the desired surface, when all the water evaporates, the acacia gum in the paint film increases luminosity and helps prevent the colours from lightening.

Gum Arabic allows more precise control over washes, because it prevents them from flowing or bleeding beyond the brush stoke. It can also be used as a binder medium, emulsifier and film former in a variety of ways. When combined with Pearl-Ex or other pigments, it will produce a glossy, brushing or stamping solution and is easily mixed and cleaned up with water. It will gradually increase tack as it dries.  It can also be added to Distress Ink Stains, to add some thickness making it more like an acrylic paint to work with.   

Prepared solutions can be stored for convenience. 

Size: 28g

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