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It’s MAGIC! This one step process is easier than 1-2-3. No additional sealing or cleansing methods are required. Magic-Glos™ is a must have to fill bezels, and help gloss, seal and protect your polymer clay masterpiece and craft creations. Glos your way to beauty!

Magic-Glos™ Product Features:

    • Once applied to baked clay, Magic-Glos™ can be applied and baked over and over again.
    • Non-toxic handling and no odour.
    • Great for mixing or embedding glitter, dried flowers, beads, charms, etc.
    • No shrinkage and waterproof!
    • Wonderful for sealing transfers, foils, leafing mosaics and more!
    • Crystal clear results!
    • Easily creates enhanced faux dichro effects and domed cabochon effect with multiple layer applications.
    • Magnifies your design.
    • Ideal on creative surfaces to add shine or dimensional effects such as water droplets, raised patterns, etc.
    • Cures with direct sunlight or, more preferably if you live in the UK: a UV Light Curing Box.


Frequently asked questions, answered by Lisa Pavelka herself!

Q - Can I layer the Magic Glos?

Thicker applications can be achieved by adding in layers and curing in between,  It is designed to dome and creates a cabochon like effect when cured in layers.  Foils, decals, and transfers can be added to layers for dimensional effects.  Thicker layers actually maginify the underlying surface as there is no loss in clarity.

Q - Will it really cure in sunlight?

Yes, Magic Glos will cure in direct sunlight in about 5-15 minutes depending on the intensity of the UV light waves, thickness and size area of the piece.  (NOTE FROM METAL CLAY - this is in the US... For us here in the UK, it would probably require a really, really sunny summer's day! We recommend you use it with a UV light box) Adding inclusions such as glitter may lenghten the cure time, but once exposed to long wave UV light, the product will continue to cure in absence of UV light. Note: Magic Glos will not cure near a window, you must put it in direct sunlight.

Q - Is it temperature sensitive?

I wouldn't be concerned about general temperature sensitivity for Magic Glos. This product will withstand heat of several hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It can even be baked with clay. Extreme temperatures such as these will slightly darken the glos. This can intensify colored clays, foils and transfers, but white will become more of a sepia or antique white tone when baked. We have not seen visible yellowing under normal indoor conditions over time, This isn't to say that the material won't darken in years to come or when used outdoors. The product is just under two years old and we are awaiting long term results with it.

Q - Can you use it with Swarowski Crystals?

Yes, yes, yes!  Magic Glos loves Swarovski Crystals and other embellishments.  Instead of using epoxy with flat-back crystals use Magic Glos.  It's superior since it is non-toxic, no order and requires no mixing.  It also has a working time of 1-2 hours indoors which makes it much more user friendly, not to mention safer than epoxies.

Q - How durable is Magic Glos? Is it scratch resistant? Does it yellow?

A - Magic-Glos is quite durable and scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. We have had the product out for just under 2 years now and no signs of natural yellowing occurring. The product will however yellow slightly if baked over 125F degrees. We do not have long term results that surpass the two year mark. The product has a shelf-life of a year. It will thicken as it surpasses that mark, but can be diluted with fresh Magic-Glos. I have several pieces that I toss into my purse and other travel containers myself and it has held up beautifully. 

Reviews (4)

work well with closed and open bezels mainly for doming

Written by Penny on 18th Jul 2017

I tried to use as final coat for resin piece it didn't clear even after 10+ mins. I guess because had a layer of dark blue and AB film pieces (I used Shaved Ice by stampendous. Seem to work well on bezels, possible open too if there not too much glitter, powder etc. It does take longer to cure though, about 4 mins for first layer and 6 and about 8-10 or more for final layer. It was designed for sealing polymer clay items a clue may lie there.

Best resin

Written by R on 27th Jan 2016

I use a UV lamp, so every piece is done in 15-30 minutes depending on how many layers of resin I use. The cured resin looks like glass, clear and glossy. Oh..and no smell either. I just love it.

You need a UV lamp in the UK

Written by undefined on 19th Aug 2013

The resin is very easy to manage and gives a very clear result, but it took two days, sitting in the garden, to cure properly. I think that in this country, I would definitely recommend a UV lamp to cure the resin.

Great for doming

Written by undefined on 24th Aug 2012

I'd read many reviews about this product, so decided to give it a try. I've already used to fill some bezels with paper and some tiny embellishments and the result is quite good. Much better than diamond glaze and other similar products. I used only direct sunlight (I suppose it's easier to get strong light in Spain) and the bezels really dried in mins, so I added some layers for a domed effect. You really need a heat or embossing gun to get rid of the bubbles, but they really disappear in seconds by using the gun. I would recommend.

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