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Gator Pen Blank Resin Casting Mould - 5 1/4” This is a great solution for blank casting as well as tube-in casting, with removable silicone stoppers. It’s a single mould solution that is super simple to use and will work with the majority of turning kits on the market. It’s a one mould fits all solution! That includes most pen kits, seam rippers, razors and even darts!

Milled from solid HDPE makes it virtually indestructible, and it won’t warp or crack. The mould body should last for years if properly cared for.


  • Gator mould with 3 x chambers: 134mm (5 5/16”) L x 19.5mm (7/8”) W x 25.5mm (1”) D
  • 4 x Removable Small silicone stoppers with level line for 15mm (19/32”) tubes
  • 6 x Rubber feet/suction plugs.

Demoulding is easy! Just pull the suction plugs, turn the mould upside down, bang the ends a few times on your work bench and watch the blanks fall out. Or you can blow pressurised air into the hole if you’re having trouble.* The blanks can then easily be end trimmed and squared up on a table saw if needed.

Please note:

- *Be sure to apply a high quality mould release - either a silicone or wax based release agent is recommended. Just spray the release agent into and on top of the chambers ensuring complete coverage and allow to dry before pouring your resin.

- Apply a release agent to the rubber plugs to keep them free of any resin buildup caused by potential spillage.

- A rubberised dead blow hammer will help the demould process.  Lightly tap the bottom and sides of the mould once your blanks have fully cured, then turn the mould over and tap the mould ends against your work bench top to see your blanks release.  Polyester resin blanks will release with little effort at all, but epoxy blanks may require a few extra taps against your bench top before releasing.

Size of mould: 16.5mm (6.5”) x 11.5mm (4.5”) x 31.5mm (1 1/2”).

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