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Polypropylene graduated mixing cups for resin. Approximately 60ml (approximately 2 fl oz).

Clear polypropylene graduated mixing cups for resin.

When you work with resin, exact measurements are really important, to ensure it sets properly. Use these cups to measure up exact amounts and to mix the resin. With the graduated printed scale on the side it is easy to get the right measurements.

Keep one "A" cup, one "B" cup, and one cup for mixing the two. If you're doing a large casting session you can then keep reusing the A and B cup for ages.

Depending on which resin you use, you can often clean out the cups for reusing, and you shoudl be able to get quite a few pours out of each cup:

  • Whilst the resin is still wet you can spray the cup with cooking oil spray, and wipe it clean with a paper towel. Then wipe of the residue with denatured alcohol.
  • If resin has dried in the cup you used to mix it up in (only the residue left once you've poured it out), you can often flex the cup and simply peel off the cured resin

These are the same as our other mixing cups but larger, so perfect for bigger projects. 

Pack of 10 mixing cups.

Reviews (5)


Written by Helen on 7th Jun 2016

Really liking these new cups, very sturdy, almost feels like a waste only using them once hehe. Very easy to use and no ridges to get in the way when stirring.


Written by undefined on 31st Dec 2014

Brilliant, more than enough and nicely priced


Written by undefined on 12th Oct 2012

One thing ive found is that with resin you have to be precise, these are brilliant and do the job very well.

Decent Quality

Written by undefined on 28th Aug 2012

The cups hold a decent amount of resin. The measuring guide can be tricky to see once the resin has been mixed. The cups are sturdy and bend well to form a spout when pouring the resin into the mold. I did find that pouring was a bit messy after a while and resin started to drip down the sides of the cup. However, they are good value and do their job.

Comfortable to use.

Written by undefined on 24th Aug 2012

Very easy to use these cups to mix resin. I reuse them just cleaning the bottom carefully with paper towel, so you get a lot of cups for a good price. They are sturdy but malleable enough to pour the resin without spilling it.

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