Needle Tool Supersharp (Pergamano Perforating Tool)

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This fantastic needle tool really is super sharp, with a very fine pointed tip. 

If you have taken a class with Joy Funnell, you will know it is her
 (as well as a few other well-known tutors) must-have tool for cutting metal clay! The extra fine long point makes it ideal for cutting out the finest of lines and very small detailed shapes - the perfect tool for working with very fine and detailed templates and stencils.

The Pergamano needle tool is made to be slightly flexible and very durable and has a specially developed dirt repellent rubber for a soft but firm grip. In addition, the weight and the ergonomic design ensure an ideal distribution of pressure during cutting.

Size: 16 cm long
Comes with a transparent protective cap. 

Also called Pergamano Perforating Tool 1-needle.

Reviews (3)

Needle tool supersharp

Written by Mary Sugiyama on 5th Jun 2018

Thanks very much - just what I need

Super Sharp needle pont

Written by Fawzi on 19th Jul 2017

I like that. It makes working with Art Clay Silver a joy.

Pergamano Needle Tool

Written by Natasha Kinley on 30th Mar 2017

I bought this as I still haven't found a tool that I am really happy with when cutting wet metal clay, I still tend to go back to my scalpel even having bought this and the Quik Art Stylus tool, I have not yet tried the Quik Art finer stylus tool, as this Pergamano one was such a good price and Joy Funnel gives it the thumbs up I thought I'd try it first. I do use it and it is useful and the tip is fine and long as stated, I just don't use it as much as I hoped I would. There is nothing wrong with it it is well made and does a job but I suspect as with so many tools it is a personal preference thing!

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