Pam East's Enameling on Copper Clay 2 DVD Set

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Join Art Clay Master Instructor Pam East as she teaches you all the skills you need to successfully enamel copper clay.

This comprehensive 2-DVD programme includes three complete projects taking you, step-by-step, through beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques. Metal clay topics include designing metal clay pieces specifically for enamelling, proper firing and finishing, and preparing the pieces to be enameled.

Enameling topics include enamel preparation, wet enamel application, special firing considerations when working on copper, graduated colour shading, floral accents, the use of foils, finishing techniques and more.

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced artist, this 240 minute program has something for everyone!


Some reviews of the DVD set:


Metal Clay Artist Magazine
Vol. 5 Issue 3 ~ Jul/Aug/Sep 2014


Simply put, if you are interested in enameling on metal clay you need these DVDs. I've had the good fortune of taking classes with Pam on enameling on silver and on copper clay, and these videos are the next best thing to having her right in the room with you. In some ways they are even better because you can pause and replay as often as you wish to fully understand each step. Pam's deep knowledge of the intricacies of working with enamels on metal clay, her excellent teaching skills and her lively personality come through loud and clear in the 3.5 to 4 hours of instruction and 20 to 30 min. of bonus material contained in each title.


Each 2-DVD set includes a beginner, and intermediate and an advanced project. The silver projects include Basse Taille enameling, a full champlevé finish, two methods for working with the tricky reactive colors of enamel and more. The copper clay projects demonstrate such techniques as making photopolymer plates, working with flux, special issues of fire scale and enamel and adding floral accents.


An amazing depth of information is included in each DVD set. Not only does each volume teach the special techniques necessary for enameling on metal clay while teaching three different techniques (with different projects and techniques shown in each set), but they also include everything a beginner could need to know to work with metal clay and enamel. Afraid to program your kiln? No problem – Pam walks you through the setting process. Not sure how to repair a break? The answer is in the DVDs. Although there is some overlap between the copper clay and silver clay videos, there is more than enough distinct material to make it worth owning both. Each clay has different challenges for enameling and Pam shows how to work with the individual natures of the two clays.


Pam East is the Doyenne of enameling on metal clay as well as being an Art Clay Master Instructor. Her book enameling on Metal Clay is the definitive text on the subject. Pam’s expertise in the field was highlighted by the success of the Kickstarter campaign she rand to fund the production of the DVDs. Pam quickly raised more than $20,000 – more than quadruple her original goal. That success allowed her to expand her original concept so that each title became a high-production-value 2-DVD set. If you are interested in enameling and weren’t one of the Kickstarter supporters who already received them, you should stop right now and order your sets.




Glass on Metal, The Enamelist's Magazine
February, 2014


In both [Enameling on Copper Clay and Enameling on Silver Clay] DVDs, as you start watching, before you know it you are completely engaged with what Pam is Teaching. Each sentence has been carefully considered and is integral to what is being shown and taught. She has not left anything out. She has covered all the bases. All the information is logically organized with makes the steps easy to understand. With Pam's easy going presentation, you get the feeling that you are there in her workshop.


These DVD's are as good as taking on of her in-person workshops. There is no need to ask questions, as you can backtrack the DVD and listen again to any part of the steps. As I mention above, nothing is left out so that success on your own is almost a given.


If you want to learn how to enamel on metal clay, these DVD's are the place to start.


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