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Plastic sanding Needles are coated with a durable long lasting abrasive coating.

The different needle grits are colour coded enabelling you to easily pick-up the correct grit needed, even from a cluttered work area!

Sanding Needles are washable, resuable, and excess debris, can be removed by using our abrasive cleaning disc for extended performance!

Files are double sided.  Includes grits:

  • Fine (320 grit)
  • Medium (220 grit)
  • Coarse (100 grit)

Pack of 6.

Reviews (3)

Really useful!!

Written by Sally Larkham on 20th Feb 2016

The other day I was trying to clean up an awkward piece of jewellery, and thought, "I know what would do the trick! Now where did I put that pack of Sanding Needles?" Of course, I couldn't find them (though they're in the workshop somewhere....), so I ordered more. And aren't they a delight? Just what I needed; and the added surprise waiting for me when I do finally find that lost pack!!

Wow! Why haven't I used these before?

Written by Leigh Armstrong on 14th Feb 2016

I have just used these bad boys for the first time after having bought them about a year ago!!! I know I know, mad woman, they kinda got lost in the Studio! These are awesome! They get in to the smallest spaces, fine grit for detail finishing, can't believe they've been here all this time without me using them! These will now be living in my kit bag & I will be recommending them to my Students!

Amazing dry stage tool!

Written by Nicky on 15th Jan 2015

These little sticks are amazing and I'm not quite sure how I survived without them! The abrasive goes right to the end of the needle and they're perfect for getting into the little corners of a piece and refining details on charms. They wash and dry really well so they're reusable time after time and the abrasive doesn't peel off or wear down when sanding clay. The box they come is great for storing them without them getting damaged (like they would if they just came in a plastic bag). I hope you never sell out and I'm off to buy some more in case you do!

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