Resin mould - Squares - 9 in 1

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This resin mould has 9 squares, measuring 2 x 2cm. Simply pour in the resin, leave to cure and pop out.

Reviews (5)

Lyndsay Eves

Written by Surface quality imperfect on 22nd Feb 2017

Quality not very good, first casting with resin revealed lines in the mould surface on 4 out of 9 of the squares

Great mould

Written by Emily on 4th Oct 2015

This mould is a brilliant size, it is deeper than my existing moulds and so the gems are a bit deeper, which I prefer. The plastic is very resilient, I have had about 6 batches out so far and the mould puts up with a lot from me! If the gems are left in up to 24hrs then sometimes it does take effort getting them out. I find just tapping the mould against the side of the desk then they come out very quickly and all drop to the floor. Else i just use the blunt round end of some scissors and poke each side of the resin and then tap and it falls straight out. This is the exact correct plastic when using epoxy style resin and I have never had any issues with dullness or bubbles or sticking. Would recommend to everyone.

Shiny resin pieces

Written by Ioana on 16th Jul 2013

My resin pieces came out shiny but not that easy to pop out :( Maybe I should try the freezer tip recommended by other user.

Easy to use!

Written by Antonia Corke on 31st Oct 2012

Great mould, very easy to use. The resin popped out very easily once cured, it couldn't have been easier!


Written by undefined on 28th Aug 2012

Perfect mold for creating earrings or small pendants. Good quality and once the resin was cured after 24 hours, it popped out with no problems. Tip: If you do have difficulties popping pieces out of the mold. Place the mold in the freezer for an hour and it's super easy to pop out!

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