Stainless Steel Firing Pan - PRO7 and SC2

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BRONZ and COPPRClay can only be fired in a kiln, buried in activated carbon. This is due to the copper in the material. Copper oxidises when heated and exposed to oxygen (this is why sterling silver goes black when heated, and needs pickling), so we create an oxygen starved environment by burying it in carbon.

You need to contain the carbon in a stainless steel pan which can survive heat for a long period, without breaking down. Containers made from ceramic fibre blocks, glass, ceramics, or heat sensitive metals, like aluminium, will not work.

1 litre of carbon would fill this pan. Ideally, place the pan on posts to allow the heat to circulate around it.

This pan will fit a Prometheus PRO7 and a Paragon SC2 kiln or larger - it will not fit the Kitiki MiniKiln, Prometheus MiniKiln or Creative Metal Clay Kiln. We suggest you measure your firing chamber before ordering - the pan is 176mm x 162mm and 100mm high, and comes with a lid. 

Please note: this pan will go black and flake when heated, and it might warp slightly. This does not affect the funtionality of the product, but you will want to vacuum your kiln after use. For a cleaner product have a look at our fabulous No-Flake Firing Foil.

Reviews (5)

Firing Pan

Written by JUDE GOSWELL on 6th Nov 2016

Very large _ almost fills the SC2. You need to be very careful when placing it in the kiln as it is very close to the thermal coupler. I think it gives a false reading on the temperature as it is so close.

Great size, great to maximise a kiln firing load

Written by Jeff Gynane on 17th Sep 2016

Although not part of product review I would like to mention that I have found the effort that's gone into the metal website fantastic, a great level of detail which has helped answer many questions for me, who is new to this hobby which will self fund through craft sales

Just what you need for kiln firing with carbon

Written by Anna Campbell on 1st Aug 2016

This is an excellent size for carbon firing in my Paragon SC2 kiln. While I acknowledge what other reviewers have said about the pan flaking a bit after firing this is because of the high temperatures and is to be expected. I have used other stainless steel containers for firing in the past and found they only lasted a couple of firings before developing holes! This one is still going strong

Horribly messy

Written by Debs on 26th Aug 2013

Pops and bangs and even when touch cold bits fly off of the coating. Makes a hell if a mess but did the job

Steel pan

Written by Debra on 26th Oct 2012

2nd one I have had ,cause my first one is very warped but in fairness I was doing long firings with slow fire bronze clay ,does flake and pop a bit but you do need it for copper ,bronze ,and sterling clay !

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