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The Stampmaker Clear Kit is ideal for making clear stamps to be used for card making, scrapbooking and stationery. The clear stamps are thicker than the other Stampmaker kits as this kit contains 2.55mm clear sachets as opposed to the 1.9mm red sachets. These stamps have a removable backing sheet, revealing a naturally sticky back that will stick to an acrylic block without the need for tape or cling. Stamps can be used, then peeled off for storage.

Use images, drawings, photos, lace, text to create negatives, which you then turn into stamps. The detail is so good that you can even use photos! And it takes just 5 minutes from start to finish. 

The kit includes: 

  • UV Imagepac Stampmaker lightbox
  • A7 Acrylic Magnetic Clamp
  • 10 x A7 Imagepac Superclear 2.55mm Sachets (101 x 64mm)
  • 3 x A4 sheets of Inkjet Negative Film
  • Brush for cleaning out sachets after curing
  • Timer
  • Test negative
  • Clear plastic tray for post exposure soaking and brushing
  • Instructions

 You will also need the following items: 

  • Inkjet printer** (to produce printed negatives)
  • Scissors
  • Sink or tray with warm water
  • Washing up liquid

PS - you can also use your UV light box to harden our UV gel for jewellery making!


*Advice on images

In order to be able to produce and print your images, you will first need to make your image digitally ready for printing. It is possible to use a programme like Microsoft Word for simple line stamps like words or symbols. For more creative images, or editing photos, or drawings with fine details, we recommend basic design software. There are many free software programmes, for instance;  GIMP, PAINT.NET, Photoscape, and Photoshop Express. Of course, if you are a more advanced user, programmes such as Corel Draw, and Adobe Photoshop, CS, and Illustrator would work very well.

**Advice on printers

Virtually all inkjet printers will make a negative dark enough to use for the stamp but they might require some settings to be adjusted. Also, if not using the original manufacturers ink there are some refill inks that don't print with the same saturation, so might cause issues. If you want a low cost option the manufacturer would recommend the HP 1050, 2540 or 3055 PSC (Printer/Copier/Scanner) so you can use it to scan and upload drawings as well. 

Only some laser printers will work, and will require additional Laser negative film to be purchased.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t recommend using scissors or a guillotine as this will more often than not damage the seal. The separation should be done by a rapid snatching motion, pulling them apart - not a slow, tough tear, as this will damage at least one, if not both sachet seals.

Click here for full instructions. 

Click here for more support and additional information from the manufacturer.

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stampmaker clear

Written by PATRICIA on 22nd May 2018

No design software included, an HP printer is recommended for printing the negatives (I have Epson and Cannon jet printers and a laser printer - laser printers are not recommended, you will have to buy special sheets to print on plus a toner enhancing spray, which is not available on Photocentric's website). The Imagepac videos on You Tube say that there is help on their website to get the best out of other makes of printer but I haven't found it. They also have a video demonstrating their design software, which looks a doddle to use but it (the software)isn't available any more. Why is it still on You Tube - those who are thinking of purchasing the Stampmaker kit and researching the capabilities will be sadly disappointed. A waste of money. If you want to make stamps with more than one image on an A7 gel pack, make sure that you have graphics software that supports layers. I feel that Photocentric (the manufacturers) have left a lot to be desired in their kit, considering how much it costs. I am finding it very frustrating as I expected to be able to make a stamp out of the box without having to use a 3rd party software to compile a stamp with more than 1 image on it

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