Wooden Stirring Sticks

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Pack of 15 wooden stirring sticks, approximately 14cm long and 0.5cm wide. Use these sticks to stir and mix your resin. Mix in a figure of 8 to help avoid air bubbles. 


Reviews (7)


Written by AndyM on 21st Apr 2015

Perfect. And well worth adding to an order.


Written by undefined on 31st Dec 2014

New to resin so can't wait to get started came quickly considering it was the holidays. Well packaged. I'm very happy with my purchase.

They are

Written by Erin on 27th Jun 2014

brown and sticky :)

Thank you!

Written by magoody on 2nd Oct 2013

So useful thing! Thank you!

wont use any others!

Written by F on 16th Jan 2013

I have tried others but came back to these - they are just the right size for the mini mixing cups and you can break them in half and use both ends. No point in trying anything else, these do just what they are intended for.

not just sticks

Written by undefined on 12th Oct 2012

Well I did add these as an extra to my order thinking ,hmm do I need to really buy wooden sticks when I get my usual type from the supermarket but, I have to say these really work and for some reason stir better! Will be ordering more soon.

Better than other sticks I've tried before

Written by Y. on 19th Jul 2012

I had been using another wooden sticks, but they were thicker and shorter than these. I really find these better and perfect to blend any resin. You can reuse then just cleaning the tips you used to mix the resin with a paper, so you've got quite a few for a reasonable price.

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