Work Surfaces & Rubber Blocks

  • 20pc Precision Drill Bit Set 20pc Precision Drill Bit Set

    20pc Precision Drill Bit Set

    This twist drill set includes 20 x drill bits from size 0.3mm up to 1.6mm.  The drill bits are stored in a convenient clear plastic case, clearly marked by each size.  Use these on their own or with a swivel pin vice to create clean,...

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  • Acrylic tool kit

    Acrylic tool kit

    With this great economical kit you'll have all the basic tools you need for rolling out your clay to any thickness. This kit includes: - One spacer set 0.25-3mm (put one on either side of your clay to roll it out evenly to a specific thickness). The...

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  • Art Clay Work Sheet

    Art Clay Work Sheet

    Art Clay's new work surface! This replaces the old Art Clay work surface, and has some great new features: Perfect for shaping all types of metal clay Comes with a measuring guide - making rolling and measuring much easier The inside guide can be...

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  • Cutting Mat - A4 Cutting Mat - A4

    Cutting Mat - A4

    This A4 self healing cutting mat is a lovely work surface for your making.  It's marked with 1cm x 1cm straight grid lines as well as 30°, 45°, 60°, and 75° angle lines to act as guides.  Total size: 300 x 220 x...

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  • Rubber Block Small

    Rubber Block Small

    Use the block to support and raise your jewellery and design pieces whilst shaping, sanding, brushing, polishing, setting stones, and so on. Ideal support for stone setting and burnishing. The rubber stops the clay from slipping and gives a good firm...

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  • TUFF Non-Stick Cards - Pack of 3 TUFF Non-Stick Cards - Pack of 3

    TUFF Non-Stick Cards - Pack of 3

    Indestructible Tuff (teflon) cards are non-stick cards used for creating and drying metal clay projects. Thicker than a standard playing card, Tuff Cards are sturdy so they won't flex, dropping your work as you move it to your dryer! Tuff Cards are...

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