Ceramic Decals Set - 8 colours

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Ceramic Decals are an exciting way of adding permanent colour application to your fine silver designs!

These water-slide ceramic decals adds bright permanent colours to your fine silver. 

Incredibly simple to use.

  1. Make your silver clay design. Fire and finish. Smooth surfaces works best with the decals, they can be difficult to apply to textures.
  2. Cut your decal designs, using paper punches or scissors. 
  3. Soak the decal in room temperature water, ideally distilled. The backing will begin to peel off. Then put it on your silver and carefully slide the decal off the backing, onto the silver. Use a paper towel to remove any water from under the decal, and make sure it is smooth and flat on the silver. Leave until dry. 
  4. Fire in a kiln at 750°C.

You can layer colours on top of each other, which can change the colours (which can be both good or bad!). To avoid this you can fire the layers separately.

After the decal is applied on a fine silver piece it is fired at ±750°C degrees, which creates a permanent bond with the fine silver. This only works with fine silver or fine gold. It can be applied to finished metal clay, being fine silver, but not to sterling silver. Due to the oxidation of the copper in sterling silver, all colours in the transfer will turn black.

Included in the set is 8 sheets of colours, each 10 x 10 cm, and an explanatory booklet.

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