Which FOREDOM® is right for me?
There are two Foredom Hang-Up/Bench motors available in 230V; the SR and the LX motor. 
For clarity, there is also a TX motor which is only available in 115V, and a PG motor, which is a unique stone setting and engraving motor kit.

80% of our customers should get an SR. This is the most popular motor with the power and speed needed for most jobs without stalling or slowing down while under normal load.
- 1/6 HP
- Fast with speeds up to 18,000 RPM.
- Run in both forward and reverse - handy for symmetry, left-hand users, and maximising the lifespan out of many rotary accessories.
- Universal ball bearing motor.

The LX motor is a more specialised motor. The 1/10HP LX motor is slow but strong, it is Foredom’s most powerful motor. It has full strength from the start at 500RPM, all the way to the max speed. It is designed for drilling, wax modelling, stone setting, chisel carving, and other slow speed applications.
- 1/10HP
- A max speed of 5,000 RPM, so less than a third of the speed of an SR motor.
- The most powerful of all Foredom motors at low speeds.
- There is no reverse rotation on this motor.
- Permanent magnet motor.

The Foredom motors above come in three styles;
1. Hang-Up (sometimes called Pendant Motor)
2. Bench (or Desk motor)
3. Bench with Built-in Control

The speed controls for these motors also come in three styles;
1. Foot operated in plastic housing
2. Foot operated in metal housing
3. Table-top dial operated in plastic housing.

And finally, there are three styles of Flexshafts (available in different lengths and some further variations);
1. Keytip
(standard). The keytip flex shaft can handle most types of work from jewellery fabrication, to woodcarving and industrial use. There are 17 different handpieces available to use with the Keytip shaft.
2. Square drive
(heavier). A thicker, less flexible, flexshaft design. Few applications require square drive shafting, it is mainly for unusually large or difficult jobs where the 50 in.-lb torsional breaking point is useful. There are only 4 handpieces available for square drive shafts.
3. Slipjoint (also called European). This is a connection sometimes used in Europe. There are 7 handpieces that work with this style.

poster-image-flexshaft.jpgForedom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From its flagship line of flex shaft machines, to specialised motors, handpieces and bench top attachments and accessories, Foredom tools set the standard in quality, power and performance.

Foredom tools are used in jewellery manufacturing, industrial and machine shop operations, woodcarving and wood working, dental, optical and scientific laboratories, art studios, home/shop hobby applications and nail salons. Foredom flexible shaft power tools are used for many different applications such as hand grinding, deburring, carving, sanding, cleaning, buffing and polishing on all types of material–wood, metal, plastic, glass and stone.

Variable Speed– foot operated or table top dial controls allow users to find just the right speed for the accessory, material, and application up to 18,000 rpm.

Handpieces are slim, light weight and smooth running–the vibration, noise, and heat associated with hand held electric or air motors in electric or air tools are eliminated by having the flex shaft motor positioned above and out of the way of the workpiece. Handpieces are available with either collets or chucks for holding rotary accessories and drills with shanks from 1/16″ to 1/4″ in diameter.

Reliable and economical–flex shaft machines have permanently lubricated, ball bearing, fan cooled, universal motors that are easy to maintain and more economical to operate than air tools.

We also have many of Foredom's attachments, in addition to the “standard” offering of cutters, burs, bits, drills, buffs, brushes, wheels, saws and more, Foredom features several exclusive and unique lines including Typhoon® Tungsten Carbide Burs, CeramCut Blue® Stones, Premium Plated Diamonds from Dumont®, and 3M products including Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs, EXL Unitized Wheels, Trizact and Purple Ceramic bands and Discs.
In addition to flex shaft motors, we also carry Foredom's other bench top tools like:

  • BL Lathe
  • Micromotors
  • Drill Presses
  • Dust Collection Equipment
  SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe