Sanding, Polishing & Tumbling

In this section you'll find all the products you need for polishing and finishing your jewellery, as well as a little information on some different techniques.

Whether you want to finish your metal clay the good-old-fashioned way of doing it by hand with polishing papers and metal polish, or you prefer the speed and ease of a tumbler, we can help.

I'm sure the first time you fired silver clay, you were quite surprised when you picked up your piece after cooling it down - it looked as if it was covered in something white? That isn't a coating of anything that has to be removed, it isn't fire scale, nor is it some sort of oxidation. It is actually the true silver you are seeing. The surface has a very fine crystalline structure, and what you need to do now is flatten and smooth it out to close the surface, and get the colour and silver shine we are used to seeing. This is called finishing or burnishing. Usually the first step in finishing metal clay is brushing it.

Click here for more in-depth information on the steps of polishing your metal clay and which products to use. 

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