Fine Silver Eyelet/Jump Ring Economy - Large - Pack of 10

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These are a must have for your metal clay tool kit. They push straight into wet clay and can be fired. They create a loop that you can hang straight onto a chain. They are the same as our other large eyelets, just a slightly lower quality. Perfect for practicing or if you are a beginner to metal clay. 

Approximate dimensions: 2mm Inner Diameter x 4mm Outer Diameter x 9mm Total Length

Pack of 10.

Reviews (1)

A little rough around the edges...

Written by Ange Lee on 9th Nov 2012

As the name says...these are economy and a great price but the quality and finish is not perfect and be prepared to find pieces possibly having some rough edges. If you are a beginner to metal clays or making proto type/test pieces then these are great value to 'play' with and if you are experienced enough than it's possible to spend some time polishing up and smoothing out the rough bits but I would say if your making items for selling etc then spend the money and buy/use the better quality eyelets and use these for experimenting with only.

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