Fine Silver Bezel Setting - Oval - With Side Post - 10 x 14mm (3.2mm high)

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Use these elegant fine silver prong settings to set stones which can't be fired. Simply push the side post into the wet clay until secure and fire with the clay. Oval, 10x14mm (this is the size stone the setting will take). The height of the bezel is 3.2mm.

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Professional finish

Written by Louise on 4th Dec 2013

Used this with a facetted stone. The way it is shaped means that you can't put a 10x14mm cabochon all the way in to the base of the setting without altering it, but it worked well with a fairly shallow faceted stone. I would go for the higher bezel next time - I ended up gluing my stone into this one, because there wasn't much height to push over. However the piece looks great now it's finished!

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