Fine Silver Wall Tabbed Scallop Edge Bezel Wire 4.5mm - 1ft

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Wrap this beautiful fine silver Tabbed Bezel Wire around anything that you would like to set.

Create bezel settings for any shaped stones (cabochon or pointed back), glass, coins, resin, polymer clay, wood, etc. Set your piece after firing, and you can set anything that would be damaged by the extreme heat of the kiln.

The same tabs found on our bezel settings are incorporated into this bezel wire. These tabs make a mechanical connection with the metal clay, while bent tabs act as a seat for your stone and also as a stop when embedding your finished bezel into the fresh metal clay.


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Tabbed bezel wire

Written by Hayley on 18th Sep 2018

Where has this been all my life!! Love it easily incorporated in to designs. Would love for their to be a smaller height and maybe a straight option too but I will be ordering more and on the lookout for different styles

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