Forgotten my password

Help! I've forgotten my password and I need to place an order!!

Don't worry, we should be able to sort that out quickly. Please, don't set up a new account, eventually you will run out of emails to use, and you will lose your whole order history. By following the steps below you can have a new password within a few minutes.

Or, call us on 01929 554 771 and we'll reset it whilst you're on the phone.


If you have any problems at all and we're not available on the phone, please email and ask us to reset it for you, we'll respond as soon as possible (between 8.30am-4.30pm Mon-Fri) with a new password.


 Click here to go to the page where you reset your password.



If you copy and paste your new password, make sure you don't copy any blank spaces or it won't work. If the system doesn't recognise it, try typing it by hand.

We recommend you change the automated password to something a little easier to remember. To do this, sign in and go to 'Your Account Details', where you can change it easily. If you are already signed in, click on the top orange button on the right, which says 'Log-In/Register', then go to 'Your Account Details'.