Chasing Punch / Inlay Chisel - Rectangle - Large

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Inlay chisels, also known as Japanese ‘Tagane’ chisels, are chisel blanks specially designed to be filed down into your own custom shape.

Use inlay chisels with metal inlay mesh to embed different coloured metal accents into fired silver - without the need for firing different metals together! This new technique developed by Aida for use with Art Clay takes advantage of the unique softness of Art Clay Silver and enables everyone to use a traditional technique that previously only skilled craftsmen could use. 

They can also be used without mesh for traditional chasing and repoussé techniques to shape and engrave sheet metal, or stamp patterns into fired metal clay which could be contrasted with patina or Gilding Wax, etc.

How to use:

  1. First, use a medium fine file to make the tip of the chisel flat and level.
  2. Then file down to your desired shape (e.g. circle, triangle, star, teardrop, etc)
  3. Sand end with 600 Grit to 1200 Grit Wet & Dry paper to achieve a smooth finish (this ensures the mesh will be flattened smooth when it’s been hammered into the silver.)
  4. Use a hammer to strike your inlay tool over your piece at a 90° angle 2-3 times, with the mesh in between, on a steel block or small anvil. Then rotate the chisel around inside the stamped shape to cut the mesh (continue hammering while you do this if needed).

Some helpful tips:

  • Fired metal clay must be no thinner than 1.5mm
  • To apply the inlay technique around rings, use a ring mandrel while striking to ensure the ring doesn’t bend while hammering. Please note - we don’t recommend stamping where the ring is joined, as it can become weakened.


Shape: #5 Rectangle - Large

Approximate size: 90mm x 5mm, Chisel Tip: 5mm x 2mm

inlay2.jpg  inlay.jpg

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