Liver of Sulphur - Small - 6ml

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Use after firing and polishing to give an oxidised or antique effect to silver. Great for enhancing textures and patterns on the silver.

Mix with warm water and dip your piece until you have reach the desired effect, rinse with clean water. Or dab the mixture on with a brush for special effects.

Clean the silver with baking soda and hot water before using the LOS.

Mix the LOS with cooler water to give a slower reaction, which can give you a lovely rainbow effect. Rinse with cold water as soon you have reached the colour you're after.

Tip - a quick way to remove the patina from a metal clay piece if you really don't like it is to simply burn it off with a torch.

This is a safe and non-toxic product; it is traditionally used as a bath solution in Japan for treating all sorts of ailments! Keep in a dark place, and replace the cap straight away to stop the product "going off". Please note: this natural solution crystallises over time which is normal. You can still mix the crystals and solution by diluting them with hot water and stirring well. 

Convenient little size of 6ml.

We also sell the handy long life patina gel - XL Gel - a gel you use in the same way as the Liver of Sulphur. This gel lasts for years and years.

Reviews (11)


Written by Hazel bourke on 6th Aug 2020

This bottle is a great way to give liver of sulphur a go. You don't need much for each use do it goes a long way. I put off buying LOS for a long time but made it easy by outlining all the info about it.


Written by Amy on 13th Jan 2018

A little goes a long way! Oxidises silver perfectly.

Perfect product

Written by Carol Barker on 30th Oct 2016

Great price, quick delivery, great product. Does exactly what is is meant for.


Written by Lacey Kerr on 19th Feb 2015

Perfect for emphasising the little grooves on textured jewellery!

Worked perfectly!

Written by Fiona on 16th Feb 2014

As a first time user of LOS it was simple, cheap and effective. Perfect if you aren't going to be doing alot of items.

Perfect size for beginners

Written by undefined on 20th Dec 2013

I've only used this once but am pleased with the results. I still need to practise but it's a perfect size for a beginner.

Great oxidising

Written by undefined on 12th Aug 2013

I used this product to oxidise copper sheet for a textile artwork. Excellent result, easy to use although the name says it, a bit smelly !

Perfect Size

Written by Jo Watt on 6th Aug 2013

I only wanted a little LOS as am starting experimenting with it so didn't want to buy a massive amount. This size was perfect for me.

This is clever

Written by mojo on 6th Aug 2013

Just wanted to experiment so did not want to buy a huge size. This is perfect to play with. The price is excellent.

Really Good Stuff!

Written by undefined on 4th Aug 2013

I use this to oxidise Rings and Chains. Only a few drops are needed each time (for a small batch), so this little bottle will last me quite a long time. Really pleased with the product!

Liver of Sulphur Patina on copper...what a find!

Written by Barbara Kergon on 10th Dec 2010

We are making our own taps and showers out of copper water pipe and needed to find the right patina for them. I tried this small bottle and it works like a dream. I will also use it to colour down the copper nails we are using when covering our furniture. This is not wacky, just not a normal new build house. I have ordered two pots of the gel. I will try it onjewelery when my workshop is up and running.

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